My husband deserves a trophy

A few weeks ago I presented him with this list.
It was entitled:
Things to do before the baby can be born:

  • Declutter kitchen (Done!)
  • Declutter study (Done!)
  • Repaint woodwork throughout (In progress)
  • Repaint bedroom and bedroom furniture (Done! Love it!)
  • Repaint bathrooms (Main bathroom down and it looks sooo pretty, one to go)
  • Declutter living room (Done!)
  • Clean out coat closet (Done!)
  • Finish decorating Gracie’s room (Done!)
  • Finish decorating Finny’s room. (Done!)
I expected him to raise his eyebrows or maybe to laugh, but he said calmly, “that looks doable”.
(For context: prior to the making of this list he had finished relocating all the children to different rooms which basically involved moving house, eliminating the scary playroom and painting-with the help of Amy- a really awkward room with two loft areas, so I thought he might be a tad burned out and/or skeptical about our ability to take on more projects…)
Although I did most of the de-cluttering he was there every step of the way, what with hoisting endless carloads of junk to Goodwill and bending over/reaching high things etc etc.
In addition to all this over the last few weeks:
  • He has been there for all the paint colour agonizing and starting over and agonizing some more, even though he really had no vested interest other than my happiness.
  • He not only repainted our bedroom but put bead-board up on the wall, hung new light fixtures, replaced switch plates and helped me rearrange furniture.
  • He made 3,000 trips up and down the ladder to the attic.
  • He also cleaned out the basement where no-one ever goes, when I decided to add that to the list one particularly psychotic morning.
  • He took me to Ikea and assembled various pieces of furniture
  • Endless trips to the Home Depot
  • Never-ending trip to Babies R Us obsessing over carseats
  • Never-ending trip to Babies R Us obsessing over diaper bags
  • He did all the grocery shopping.
  • He helped me to clean the house and clean it some more
  • He cleaned out the car (and trust me-that was a process… it had been… a while)
  • He made the dinner, he cleaned up after the dinner
  • He ferried the children hither and thither and has continued to be a patient and involved dad
  • He went to work every day at the crack of dawn so he could be home as early as possible to get to work on my list of demands.
  • Took me to Dr’s appointments
  • Brought me Zantac, and milk, and snacks
  • He put up with my endless complaining, obsessing, and moaning hores (as my mom refers to raging hormones)….with a smile, regularly brings me flowers and buys me little gifts and treats. He lets me have all the extra pillows and moves promptly to the couch if I tell him he is snoring.
He is my hero.  Every pregnant woman should have an Aaron.  I’m so glad he is mine.
Tomorrow I will try to get some before/after photos up of our projects, that’s for you, mom  :)

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Grancy said...

Hi Kirsty, I've been thinking of you a lot lately. Best wishes on the new baby and your growing family. Great news. Can't wait to read all is well. Nancy Stapley

Anonymous said...

You are one blessed woman! I will have to send him some bar-ones and ultra-milk. Go AARON!!