I love the smell of Dreft at 2am.
Last night I was finishing up the baby laundry. Ahhhh, my favourite part of preparing for a baby. I just can’t get enough of soft, warm, clean, tiny, Dreft-scented clothes. 
I was up until at least 3am doing other things too- like cleaning the fridge which was already clean.   I think this officially qualifies as nesting. I did not feel tired. Not at all.  Even though I’d had a full day, no nap, trip to the gym, lots of stress.  No fatigue. In fact I felt pretty wired. I was wide awake and happy. Until 4am when Aaron inadvertently woke me up after less than an hour of sleep. At which point I could not get back to sleep. Then I was not happy.
When I had to get up for good this morning,  I remembered how much I really dislike being sleep deprived (as if other people love it).  Oh dear.  Then I became somewhat panicky over the fact that I am about to become chronically sleep deprived.
I was also not overly pleased over the prospect of volunteering at the school. Sitting on a tiny chair in the hallway trying to keep 25 little individuals focused, as each of them read me more or less the same book over. and. over. again is trying under the best of circumstances.  Teachers are not paid enough. Trust me.  Not nearly enough.
I also did not relish the prospect of leaving my son crying and hysterical at the end of it all.  Mostly I was
As I wearily prepared to leave, I opened the back door to let the dog in after her pee break. Interestingly, she was not there.  A quick glance revealed that the back gate had been left open. Of course it was. On this day of all days.  It never has been left open before.   So now I had a missing dog (who was not wearing her collar), an anxious son (and 24 other 1st graders) awaiting me, and I was feeling too tired to breathe. 
Note to self. Don’t stay up until 3am. That ‘aint smart.
All is well that ends well. I found the dog sniffing merrily away just around the block, she was safe and happy to see me (ie: did not run like mad when I lumbered into sight).  I found my son at school as content as a clam.  He informed me that he had just been telling himself, “if mommy doesn’t come, then she doesn’t come. I will be ok” (yeah baby!!)  and as an added bonus, the fact that I had arrived so late meant less time sitting in a tiny chair trying to keep the 6 year olds focused on Big Dog Goes Up and not on “when will your baby be here?”
When I left, Finny was cool, he was so cool. He was back to being cool-hand Finnster.  He gave me several hugs when I left but his eyes did not well up in a heartbreaking manner, and he gave me a brave smile a cheerful wave and told me he’d see me soon. What a relief.
And then I came home and napped worry free.  It was sublime. After an hour or so of that, all was well with the world again. 
Moral of the story? A really awful no good terrible bad day can turn out to be a pretty good one when you are least expecting it.  Also?  Sleep is important. So: Nap when the baby naps. That is my advice to my future self. Here, recorded for all posterity.  Also? For the love of everything sane and holy woman!  DO NOT STAY UP UNTIL 3AM and NAP. WHEN. THE. BABY. NAPS.

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Sara A Broers said...

Ahhhh....Enjoy! They grow up very, very fast!

Anonymous said...

VERY GOOD ADVICE!!! Both of it. Don't stay up to 03:00 and Nap when the baby naps!!