2 weeks

Yesterday, our lovely little baby turned 2 weeks old.  She is an angel. She very rarely cries (almost always it  is because she is cold-so her mother’s child) the rest of the time she makes polite little noises to suggest that we might want to feed her…
She is a wonderful nurser, she is so alert and sweet, so easily comforted and already seems so interactive. She is fun.
Today we took her shopping all day, out to lunch, to her 2 week Dr’s appointment (she is back to birth weight-yay!), and then to see her first movie.  Ahhhh…. the gloriously portable newborn stage. I do so love the newborn stage. She did not cry once the whole day. At the movie tonight she lay reclined in my arms, with her little chin on her fist watching the movie as if she was completely engaged in it.  It was the cutest thing ever.
We are all ridiculously over the moon for this child. Whenever Aaron and I take her to the Dr, the nurses ask if she is our first baby because we are so besotted with her and stressed about her being in any way uncomfortable, and because it takes 2 of us to get her dressed or undressed. They always raise their eyebrows when we say she is our 5th….we clearly do not come across as seasoned parents ;)  As for her siblings, well shockingly enough I have some more super sweet photos to post tomorrow….they are all so beyond in love with her. It gets better every day. Even my 12 year old Benj  loses all traces  of his usual cool indifferent demeanour  which he has been working on perfecting the last couple of years when it comes to her. He has dubbed her “the cutest thing alive” and laughs in delight over everything she does.
(Although to be fair, he is still an almost teenage boy-he did recently ask me with some irritation, why I “had to milk Ella right in front of the door”-we have a glass front door and my rocking chair sits in front of it for the whole neighbourhood to observe my milking ways. I’m still laughing over that one. I told him that in fact Ella was milking me which did not seem to amuse him.) 
Here’s our sleeping beauty on her 2 week birthday. I may have taken one or two photos during nap time…

She has already grown 1/2 an inch. I already want another one. Never fear, I will get over it…I hope.
Tomorrow-pics with open eyes (they are changing colour!) and devoted sibs. And maybe even the rest of the birth story.  We may need to rename the blog-it’s become the Official Ella Family Fan page.

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Janet said...

Ah, two weeks already. She is absolutely gorgeous.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Look at that perfect rosebud mouth! Who wouldn't be head-over-heels for her? She's precious.
I love the 'milking' comment! Too funny.

Johnny and Betsye Park said...

Kirsty - she is soooo beautiful!! I want to hold her! xo

Kate said...

She is gorgeous! A perfect little pink angel. I want one wahhhhhh! :D

The milking comment was funny lol