Guess who is….

ellabethonemonth ellaonemonth
ONE month old today? It’s our little bird!
As of her last check up a couple of days ago she weighed 9lbs12oz and measured 22.5 inches long. She is growing like mad.
This month Ella figured out how to:
Bottle Feed
Suck a binkie
Suck her thumb (although it’s still hit and miss)
Ask for food politely
Ask for food more insistently
Pee and Poop
Not freak out in the bathtub
Hold her head up when she is put on her tummy
Say, “Ahrooooo”
Survive RSV* (that one was important)
Charm everyone she met
Ellabeth likes:
Eating in bed snuggled up to mom
Being burped by dad
Her sister
Her brothers
Taking baths and showers with mom.
Sitting in front of the window wondering when Spring will come.
The occasional encounter with a binkie.
Riding with mom in the Baby Bjorn
Ellabeth does not like:
Eating in her carseat
Lying on her back for extended periods of time
Getting dressed or undressed
Having her diaper changed
It seems like she just arrived but it seems like years that she’s been here. Does that make sense? No it does not to us either. We love her so much!

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Amanda Sawyer said...

Awe! How stinkin' cute!

Jill said...

Adorable! kisses from Auntie Jill

mgery said...

I'm glad to hear she's doing so well! And I can't get over the head of hair on that tiny beauty! She is so cute! Tell her to hurry up and get a little bit bigger so she and Kenna can play. :)

Swotpisces said...

so lovely...

Joan said...

Oh, what a precious baby...I know she was put in the most wonderful family and can't wait to see her again.