Week in review

First off, thank you so much for all those who called, emailed and messaged me re: my last post.  I did not mean to sound so down, but I did want to record my real feelings while they were occurring. I think it will be good therapy/reassuring if I start to feel that way again. Thank you so much for your great compassion and kindness. I have such wonderful people in my life and this makes me feel very blessed.
Ok onto the review.
Oy vey what a week.  It started off alright. I had hilarious pictures of Ella’s first day of church and her first hair pulling fight with Gracie after church but alas, I have misplaced the folder for that day. Weird.
Anyway. On Monday we decorated for Easter.
DSC_0423 DSC_0417
DSC_0409 DSC_0422
Doesn’t her little hat make her look like one of the sweet little eggs?
eggs in tree DSC_0469
Benj was honoured for being a great kid along with some other great kids. There was a luncheon and a write up/photo in the newspaper, which I would have scanned in were I more organized and less…..mother of 5ish right now.  Yay Benj! We are so proud of you.
DSC_0501 DSC_0504
Later that day we took Ella to the Dr. who immediately transferred us to the hospital. We had no idea she was that sick. Cos you know…she’s only our 5th kid. Our bad. No seriously. I was devastated at my cluelessness. It is most disconcerting to be clueless in these matters when you have always fancied yourself to be rather clued-in on these matters. Lots of crying ensues. I look about 150 years old in this picture which was taken shortly after we checked in to the hospital. It only got worse.
Highly advanced medical equipment (the oxygen was administered through a tube punched into a styrofoam cup. I had to make sure it was situated over her mouth and nose all night long. I wonder how that is going to show up on our hospital bill :)
Property of the hospital. Poor little baby, she ended up being attached about 6 more wires after these pictures were taken. All of which were attached to alarms which went off constantly before I finally went postal the next day and ripped them all off and then sat hunched in the shower stall nursing her while the alarms screeched and all the nurses finally came to see what was the matter. Tis a tale Aaron loves to tell with a mixture of amusement and admiration.
Aaron sneaked away from our sick baby vigil  to watch Benj at his first track meet.
DSC_0526 DSC_0534
DSC_0538 He did awesome.
Once we had broken baby out of the hospital we set to work on actually getting her better. We had a wonderful friend who is a pharmacist and trained as a respiratory therapist come over every day to check her and help us care for her. We did a lot of  called postural/ percussive therapy. Basically you beat your baby up several times a day to loosen all the garbage in their lungs. Fortunately she did not mind at all.
We also gave her breathing treatments or what we called her “spa treatments” because she
would always look so relaxed and usually fell asleep during treatments.  As you can see, to add insult to injury/illness. Her acne is sooo bad. Really awful. Poor little thing.  We still love her though. ;) Everyone has been doing such a good job in helping to take care of her.
Aaron took some photos of us sickies on the bed yesterday. (First time in days I got out of pajamas.) Does this photo look at all familiar? :)
Modeling my ring as a toe ring…I just love that tiny pink foot.
Today we went to the Dr. and found out that she has turned the corner and is on the road to recovery. We were so relieved. Although she and I are still sick, I feel great relief knowing she is moving in the right direction and found it so funny when Aaron brought her to “visit” me this afternoon. It doesn’t take much to amuse me when it comes to babies. Babies are hilarious.
DSC_0632  DSC_0634 DSC_0633

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Really, the styrax am cup was their method of delivering oxygen? This is a crazy thought, but what about putting a mask on the end of the tubing? Then strangely enough you could put it on her face or right in front of it. Just like the cup is being used ..... Interestingly.

I hope she is all better soon. I know for a fact that hospital stays suck!

Michelle said...

Hooray for Benji! Hooray for Madame Ella turning a corner! Hooray for the toe-rin on the cutest little pink foot in the world! Hooray for amusing visits from babies and daddies with a sense of humour! Hooray for your gorgeous Easter decorations.

Happy Easter to a particularly spectacular family xoxo