The Ella Project: Scene 3 (And an anniversary ode)

Out of Africa (in honour of the birthplace of well…me and also the birthplace of our relationship. We have been married for sweet 16 years today!)

Here we see Ella in the African Savannah…near a water hole….narrowly escaping the jaws of an advancing hippo. And as my dad and Aaron will tell you (both of whom have had narrow escapes of their own with hippos), an angry hippo is a scary, scary beast. Hence her somewhat perturbed expression.


(Thanks Laura and Tiffany for the the outfit. It is one of my all time favourites. Of all time.)

And now to comment on this the occasion of our anniversary. My sweet husband surprised me and took the day off from work. This morning as I slept oblivious to the world, he took the baby, got the older kids off to school and let me sleep in. I awoke after 10am when he brought the baby in for a diaper change. I stretched out in bed in a luxurious fashion after my long sleep…and heard an unholy crash.

Without turning away from the changing table, he said calmly and pleasantly, “oops! Good morning! Happy Anniversary!”

“What was that crash?” I muttered.

“It was your breakfast tray, but don’t worry, I will get another one”.

I gingerly peered over the edge of the bed to see my bowl of oatmeal neatly turned upside down on the floor.

Oops indeed.

In no time he had placed the happy freshly changed baby next to me (she greeted me with glorious smiles and cooes), had the mess cleaned up and a fresh bowl of oatmeal and fruit for me to feast on. (And the only slightly besplattered card and gift beside it).

And that pretty much sums up what it is like to be married to Aaron. That, being…freaking AWESOME. Not just on special occasions. He is like this all the time. He is….well…freaking AWESOME. Being married to him is a such a pleasure, it is a comfort, it is a joy. Every day. He is my best friend, he makes me laugh, he is there to make it all better when I cry. He never makes me cry. He is kind, calm, loving, solid, funny, generous, so smart, humble, spiritual and hardworking. He is a great provider, a great dad. He is so unselfish.

In 16 years we have had 5 babies, one miscarriage, 7 moves, 3 jobs. He has stood by me through sickness and health, for richer and for (very very) poorer, he has been unwaveringly supportive through several bouts of sometimes severe depression, he has been unwaveringly supportive whenever I am excited about something too, through all my little ventures and misadventures. My goals are as important to him as his own. He is my partner in every sense.

Yes that Awesome Aaron. He’s a champ in every way and I love and appreciate him more than I can say.

Kiss to forehead sunset2

Happy 16 Pooh! How sweet it is! xoxoxoxox

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Nancy said...

rofl that angry hippo = somewhat perturbed

Brittany said...

M has that dress too! Happy Anni