The Ella Project

So every Summer my friend Cindi and I get together one random day with the intention of doing something low key together, and before we know it has morphed into an out of control demented creative effort of some sort which throws my home into complete disarray and has Cindi’s family wondering if she will ever return. Last Summer we “popped in” on a garage sale across the road and ended up entirely repainting and redecorating my living room over the course of the next 12 or so hours.

Last week she was to come over so that we could perform a wardrobe consultation for each other (ie give each other strength to throw out our ugly yet comfortable clothes) but before we got started she whipped out her computer and asked me if I had seen this. Well of course I had and had swooned at the creativity and cuteness. And then thought of it no further.

Enter Cindi.

“You have a newborn baby!” Cindi informed me excitedly. “And you have a camera!” I concurred. “ We must do something like this!”

And so we did. Right then and there.

Well kind of.

While we were greatly inspired by Mila and her mom, we would never presume to be anywhere near as creative. For one thing we stole their idea. And we did it all in one afternoon. And my baby, unlike Mila, does not sleep. I’m not kidding. She really does not nap. She and has brief moments of meditation during the day, but does not tend to zonk out in a floppy and compliant fashion like all the other newborns I have known, which made “posing” her nigh unto impossible. Also, for us the inspiration came from her vast array of little outfits which I wanted to chronicle before they were outgrown because heaven knows she will never get to wear all of them enough for my liking.

In terms of creative genius we cannot compare.

Still, we had an enormous amount of fun and laughed our fool heads off all the live-long day. My long suffering husband, children and dog picked their ways through the props and carried on. They are used to our shenanigans. Friends passing by watching me through the window wondered why I was standing on a stool with my camera while Cindi held a large lamp upside down …Tiffany my awesomely accommodating and sweet neighbour, who has long ago learned not to ask questions was called throughout the day to inquire whether she had “a tiny watering can? “ “a toy pair of binoculars?” And sweet baby Ellabeth, my real-life doll was tremendously patient with the wardrobe changes. Indeed, I believe she rather enjoyed it. We may have a little diva in the making.

We did 10 scenes that afternoon.

Without further ado I give you #1: Cherry Picking


Sweet is it not? I do so love that little dress (thanks Amy!) But oh…just wait. It gets so much funnier. Do stay tuned I implore!

PS: for those of you whining about the birth story conclusion. It’s almost done, just needs some editing…trust me. It needs some editing.

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Dahling said...

I love it ! Waiting with bated breath for the rest....

Anonymous said...

How, how, how did you get her to look like she is walking under the Cherry tree? This is just too cute! You are too clever, you and Miss Cindi.