Guess who is…

2 months old? Hmmm…..who could it be?
I think I know….
It’s me! It’s me!
Isn’t that awesome?
Ella is now 11lbs90z and 23.5 inches long.
She is in the 65th percentile for weight, 85th percentile for height and 95th percentile for head circumference. She is long, lean and brainy Winking smile
Things Ellabeth likes this month:

  • Her daddy-if she hears his voice on the phone she gets very excited, kicks her legs, and looks around wildly. It is sweet (and a bit sad if it going to be a while until he gets home).
  • Her brothers and sister-they can always make her laugh
  • Her friends-she is lucky to have so many awesome people who love her-she is very flirty and will smile at people and raise her eyebrows until she catches their eye and they smile back.
  • The bears on her bouncy chair-she talks to them and laughs at them for ages at a time
  • MUSIC!! She has a couple of particular favourite songs and even if she is very unhappy if I play them for her on my phone she is instantly calmed.
  • Shemly the dog. Who likes to kiss her on the hands (eeuw) and feet (eeuw) and elicited her first belly laugh.
  • Lying on our bed and watching the ceiling fan
  • When I put her on my bed and start getting undressed. She gets very excited because she knows this means I am going to cuddle with her and nurse her  for a good, long time which brings me to…
  • “milking”. She’s a fan.
  • Watching her brothers  and sister play soccer
  • Her bouncy seat and hanging out in her bath chair while I get ready in the bathroom
  • Taking a shower with mommy
  • Having baths with mommy.
  • Dancing-kicking her legs and waving her arms like nobody’s business-she can do this for ages-she is very fit.
  • Sleeping in 
  • Chilling on her changing table and airing out her parts. (this is a switch from last month-which we think probably coincides with the nice weather)
  • Going for walks and being outside
  • Watching TV. Oh relax, I am not parking her in front of Elmo. (Yet).  It’s the funniest thing.  If I am feeding her and watching TV and I am really into the show, I will look down and find her equally intrigued…but if the TV is just on and I’m not really paying attention to it, neither is she-she doesn’t even look at it.  We appear to have the same taste in entertainment.
Ella does not like
  • Being alone. Our little bird is definitely a social animal
  • When we offer her a bottle when all she wants to do is SLEEP. This makes her quite mad.
  • Napping-unless we are out and about, she only cat-naps
  • Having lotion put on her. She haaaaaaates it, even when I warm it up.
  • Drinking from a bottle -but we have recently discovered that she will take to it more willingly when it is warmed up. Well d’oh.
I have decided that this is the perfect age. Still so small and cuddly-holding her is just heaven-but also  so totally fun and interactive. Ohhhhh how I love it. Where is the “pause” button?? Where!???

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Janet said...

She's a doll and sounds like an absolute delight!

The Sayer Family said...

I can't believe that she is 2 months already. She is so cute!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

She gets more adorable all the time! I love that age. I bet her belly laugh at the dog was adorable! =)

Anonymous said...

She is sooooooo beautiful! What a sweetie, and so responsive and alert! So glad you are enjoying her so much.

Thalia Randall said...

Soh soh kewt :)