Week-ish in Review

Catching up on a few of the events of the last couple of weeks.
Benj, Gabe and Gracie performed their piano recitals. They were all stellar. The photos however weren’t. Lately much of the photography has fallen to daddy as I am often nursing or otherwise occupied. Daddy is a marvel in many other areas…
Gabey baby came second in the 1km race.
Ella (and I) completed her first 5km race (before she was even 2 months old-isn’t she amazing?)with faithful friends Jill and Cindi (and cute little Jessi who ran the race in just 22 mins) .  Here we are before…
And after.
Whew! That was hard work, daddy!
We had our annual Planting of the Impatiens. They boys worked hard. (Ella supervised)
And watched a lot of soccer….
Gracie shows off her warpaint…and fighting spirit for her last game of the season
Finny gets ready to score yet another goal
One of my favourite games to watch this season was when Gabe subbed on Benj’s team: it was so much fun to watch my big boys together on the soccer field. Although “big” is relative. That is a blurry Gabe on the left…and Benj on the right. DSC_0956
They demonstrate that size is not important…of the 3 goals scored by their team in that game, Gabe scored 2 and Benj scored 1.

Gabe scores
Benj scores
I love those guys..
As skilled and driven as my boys are, they had the unfair of advantage of having the cutest cheerleaders…
I love watching my girlies together too …

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Johnny Montezuma said...

Thanks, Kirsty, for putting together yet another awesome photo collection with yet another wonderful narrative, too. Your beautiful blog never fails to bring joy to our lives! We loved this line and the photos below:

"As skilled and driven as my boys are, they had the unfair of advantage of having the cutest cheerleaders…I love watching my girlies together too …"

Have a WONDERFUL Memorial Day & many smiles and cheers with your Fabulous Family.

Your Friends, Susun & John (Clarence)

Anonymous said...

Awww! All too cute. They all look so pro. at their recital, and so pro. at their soccer games. Just such great all rounders! And the cutest of cute cheerleaders! What a lovely 2nd in Charge little mommy Gracie is! So adorable! And Ella looks pretty chaffed with life on her big sister's lap! Thanks for the lovely pics.

Jill said...

xxxxxoooooo I was so very proud of your boys when Chase told me about their goals but not the least bit surprised. I love the pics of the girls...

Megan Gery said...

I love your cute little family!