The Daddy! The Daddy! We love the Daddy! 2011 Edition.

A few years ago I did this meme with my kids. I thought it would be fun to adapt it for Father’s Day this year.  (The photos were of the little package we put together for him today)
What is something Daddy always says to you?
Benj: Love you Beej
Gracie: Hi Princess
Gabe: Bring me all the baby bottles in the house (so he can put them in the dishwasher)
Finny: It’s your birthday!
What makes Dad happy?
Benj: Rootbeer
Gracie: When Ella laughs and smiles
Gabe: Cars
Finny:  When we’re happy
What makes Dad sad?
Benj:When we make mom sad
Gracie: When I cry
Gabe: When he has to get up to go to work
Finny: When people fight
How does Dad make you laugh?
Benj: When he comes in the bathroom when I’m in the shower and he says, “ close your eyes”
Gracie: When he tickles me
Gabe: By taking me to a funny movie
Finny:  He tickles me
(Aaron is wearing his late grandmother’s apron to protect himself from the bacon-she made it herself in the 50’s)
What’s his favourite thing to do?
Benj: Read
Gracie: Read
Gabe:Watching a movie with mommy at night
Finny: Entertain Ella
What does he do at work?
Benj: He works at M***** and he…I don’t really know….
Gracie: Ummm he works with Beryllium?
Gabe: He’s studies about Beryllium and stuff
Finny: He’s an Engineer, he builds stuff like a real big telescope.
What is he good at?
Benj: Cooking
Gracie: Reading
Gabe: Driving
Finny:Making people happy
What is he not that good at?
Benj: Smiling for the camera
Gracie: Taking pictures
Gabe: Running
Finny: Writing neatly
What is Daddy’s Favourite food?
Benj: Ribs
Gracie: Bacon
Gabe: Bacon
Finny: Ribs
How are you the same?
Benj: We both like Boise state
Gracie: We both like to read
Gabe: We both help people find things
Finny: We both like cars
How are you different?
Benj: I like sports more
Gracie: I can draw better than him
Gabe: He’s tall for his age and I’m short for mine
Finny: I’m younger and he’s older
What do you do together?
Benj: Play basketball
Gracie: Shop for groceries
Gabe: Take the dog for a walk
Finny: Go to the store together
How do you know that he loves you?
Benj: he works really hard for me
Gracie: He always says so and he does lots of things for me
Gabe: Because he buys me food and helps me take my allergy medicine
Finny: Because he keeps us safe
Craziest thing he’s ever done?
Benj: Married mom
Gracie:Umm I don’t know!
Gabe: Married mom
Finny: Put fire in his hand and then cuffed (cupped) it
Smartest thing he ever did?
Benj: Invented a new type of Beryllium
Gracie:Married mom!
Gabe: Married mom
Finny: Sometimes he organizes the stuff at his work
His favourite movie?
Benj: Transformers
Gracie: Transformers
Gabe: Tron
Finny: Transformers
I think my kids are the luckiest kids in the world to have such a great daddy. Gracie tells me often that she plans to marry someone who is as nice to her as her dad.  This makes me so happy.

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Jill said...

My heart overflows right now...

dawn h-s said...

Poor Finny! He doesn't match!!! How will you explain this to him when he's older.....?

paparazzimom said...

first of all... LOL at Dawn's comment. I was thinking the same thing. Tee hee ;-) Po Finny!

I love love love the creative gift you did. So special and personal :)
Aaron does totally rock.

ps - I might steal your idea next year. :)

Jen Lynn said...

I like that guy. He's a good one.