The Ella Project: Scene 7

(I think this might be my favourite)

Hey Diddle Diddle

The Cat and the Fiddle

The Cow jumped over the Moon

The Little Dog laughed to see such sport

And the Dish ran away with the Spoon


I love that this chronicles some special items. Gabe’s violin with which he is mildly obsessed, two of Ella’s first toys (the cow from our lovely friend Michelle in Australia-it dances!) and a little dog we got on a trip when I was pregnant with her-her first official stuffed animal. A special plate from our wedding, the silver spoon as a gift from the hospital where she was born, and two sweet little pairs of shoes. She wore the red ones on Sunday-her first time wearing shoes-they were huge :) I also adore the little nightgown (thanks sweet Sharon!) and cap. But mostly my sweet, sweet delicious little girl, oblivious to all the hilarity and action around her, sleeping so earnestly, dreaming her happy,milky dreams…

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So much to catch up on this week:

Finny’s birthday party, our fun Memorial Day weekend (Finny went off the high dive! Ella debuted her hilarious swimming outfit and took a dip in the pool!), School Awards Ceremony (my kids are rock stars) Lip Synch (Tooooo funny) Last day of School Festivities…. It’s a crrrrazy time of year and I can’t believe another school year is over (as of today). I am more than a little verklempt. It went so fast I feel like it almost didn’t even happen! I shall work diligently to get it all recorded ASAP. Happy June everyone. The weather was GLORIOUS today. True perfection. It’s about time! So far, I love June.

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Janet said...

I love all of these but this one is exceptionally cute.

Thalia Randall said...

This is my favourite!!!