The Ella Project: Scene 9

“The Princess and the Pea”

We took this idea directly from Mila and her mom because I wanted a way to commemorate all the special and adorable blankets Ellabeth has received. Many of them were handmade. We love them all. The “bed canopy” is actually my wedding veil :)

The Princess obliged us by waking up as we were photographing her and looking appropriately grouchy about her uncomfortable bed.


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Michelle said...

This one is FAR AND AWAY the best one. I adore her face and silly little sleeping cap. This baby is too delicious for words. And thanks for using our blankie! xoxoxo

Johnny Montezuma said...

The Ella Project is a stroke of Family & Friends Genius! WAY TO GO, Kirsty, you've created an awesome, totally wonderful, enduring classic. We'd suggest that you use one photo from each scene of the Ella Project to create and embed a Picasa web album so your fans can easily find and review all of the super special chapters of The Ella Project. TOTALLY AWESOME! Many Cheers from John & Susun.