Finny celebrates 7

A week or two ago we found a tiny pocket of non-rainy weather to have a birthday celebration for Finny.  (His actual birthday was a bit hectic with other events. ) He invited some of his little friends over for a “Sports Party”. We started with Frisbee Golf.
It was serious business. Thank goodness for Gracie who guided everyone through the very controversial matter of the score cards.
Ella was the referee. She kept a watchful eye.
Then it was time for Capture The Flag.
(As you can tell, Finny isn’t very competitive and wasn’t really into it…)
Then it was the time for a Silly String fight. The last person to be “strung” won.
In what I felt was a brilliant move, I invented a quick (clean up) game called, “pick up the string”. Creative no??? This involved kids picking up the silly string and rolling it into a ball. Whomever picked up the most won.
I felt slightly less genius when I found myself saying, “ok guys, come here and show me the size of your balls!”
Then of course it was time for a soccer game. Because we never get to play soccer. (Insert heavy eye rolling here.)
At this juncture everyone was hot and dehydrated (we are delicate flowers having not seen the sun for any length of time prior to this 2 hour interlude in the rainfall) and we retired to the house for cake, ice cream and lemonade.
Soccer field cake=officially the easiest cake ever.
And then it was time for PRESENTS. Heavy on the lego this year which made the Finnster very happy.
And then an impromptu game of Duck Duck Goose.  The game that children seem to love from the age of 18 months to 21years.
After which everyone went home and one lucky girl got to do this:
It was a fun afternoon. And I am pleased to note when I look at these photos that even though they are “big, cool kids” they are still so little and adorable.

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Thalia Randall said...

Your cake impresses me. WAS IT FROM SCRATCH!?!?!?!

Michelle said...

I love this post. Finny is divine. Great cake. You are my Mommy Hero. When I grow up (do I have to?) I wanna be just like you.