Guess who is….

Three months old! (These photos taken on the appropriate day…I have been shockingly errant in posting)
Who me???!
who me
No way!!
Even though I ate my 3 month old sticker…you have to admit I am pretty adorable.
I was a lame slacker about posting on the blog this month so here’s a massive pictorial recap (if you thought I was snaphappy before I got my iPhone……)
When Ellabeth was 2 months old she loved:
Being cuddled as she slept. (We loved it even more)
Asking questions and giving opinions…conversing in general she has the sweetest little voice.
Playing with big brothers
Benj and Gabe love to simulate Cedar Point rides with her sitting in her bouncy seat. She is very adventurous…
Holding court and entertaining her family (her first time in the saucer) look at her happy smile!
Laughing and joking….and looking skeptical…
Learning to roll over. This was the first time she did it and I caught it on camera! (surprising eh?) I love her surprised/disturbed face as she goes over. This photo made me laugh and laugh.
Cuddling with friends
Giving sage advice. “Listen up kids. Don’t carve up your face or your mom will be forced to put socks on your hands”
Hanging out in her “bathroom chair”. She loves to sit in this bath sling when I am in the bathroom. Unfortunately that can’t go on much longer as she has developed a habit of swinging her legs over the side and swiveling so that just her head remains on the chair.
Here she mastered the art of finger sucking….well at least mastered one attempt. I wish she would get it right more often as it resulted in one of her longest naps ever.
I just found these shots heartbreakingly sweet. (Yes I do know babies are safest sleeping on their backs, she was well supervised)
Thoughtful philosophical chats with Finny
Chilling with daddy..
One of my favourite memories this month. Late night walks featuring Daddy, Mommy, Shemly and Ella…playing dreamy music on the iPhone for her to hear. Looking at her huge eyes illuminated by streetlights…..magical
Her 2 month Dr. appointment in the waiting room (pre-shots)
Post shots..awwww…
Other things she loved as a two month old:
*kicking her legs and dancing to music
*Music: she loves it, she seems to have pretty good rhythm and is still easily calmed by music
*blowing raspberries…..and making spit bubbles
*nursing …she makes such a joyful noise when she sees me getting ready to feed her.
*Sucking and chewing on her hands and arms…she gives herself hickeys pretty regularly
*Taking baths and showers
I took this the moment she turned 3 months old…sniff. I don’t know how we lived without her. As Benj said last night, “Ella just makes our lives so much awesomer”

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Julie said...

Oh my - this post makes me want a newborn, which is a bad thing since I had those parts removed years ago. Thanks for sharing her with us!

Jill said...

She makes all of our lives awesomer!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

She is adorable! I can see that you all are cherishing each one of these precious moments. =)

Janet said...

She is amazing and clearly well loved-as she should be.

Jen Lynn said...

I love her. She is precious. I have a box of clothes for you that I almost gave to the Brackenburys yesterday, but then I thought if I did that, then I wouldn't have an excuse to visit BG. So I didn't give it to them. I wish I could make a visit to BG happen, but somehow I don't think it will any time soon. hmmmmmm. I find it fitting that the word verification I have to type for this comment is "bring"

Thalia Randall said...

Oh, so cute!! Congrats, and can't wait to see her!! xx

Kristin said...

Darling <3 darling <3 - it's amazing to see the difference in a couple months :) My favorite is with the cute little fingers in her mouth - so sweet!