Mermaids and Mermen and Swim Caps! Oh my!

On Memorial Day we hit the pool for our first swim of the season. Frabjoyous Day!
Madame Ella was appropriately attired for the event.  For Lo! ‘Twas the first swim of her very life. This truly hilarious swimming cap was attached to her swimsuit.  At first I thought it was bloomers or something and when I discovered what it really was, I could not stop laughing.
She endured being made a spectacle of with grace and dignity..and withering glares
But eventually she tired of the pointing and laughing…( oh how cute is her little cover up?)
And then she hit the pool…chins and all…which is cuter? The little rosettes on her swimsuit or her double chin? I can’t decide. I wish my double chin was cute..
She found the experience exceptionally relaxing..
Even though it was filled with splashy people..
Which is cuter? The backfat roll or the little bow? I can’t decide.  I wish my back fat was cute….
Her ladyship lies out…(she actually fell asleep while still in the pool). Which is cuter the little swimming skirt or her thigh rolls?….I wish my thigh rolls were cute
And Now…..Line up Ladies and Gentlemen for another Finny First! Reminding me of this highly ironic post (ironic because I was unbeknownst to me, pregnant when I wrote it)
He  went off the HIGH DIVE. He just marched right off it. No pep talk, turn-backs or anything remotely dramatic in nature- sniff sniff…my baby really is growing up.
And he was mightily satisfied with himself Smile
We will now take a brief pause in the blog Momedy while it becomes the Black Blog. Here’s our little friend Thompson doing the same…
Look Mom! I’m fearless!
Whohooo! Look at that smile.
And here’s sweet little brother Carson who can now touch the bottom of the pool! (you have no idea what a big moment this is in the life of a sore-armed mommy). Isn’t he the cutest?
Props: Aaron took these pictures and they are not bad, not bad at all.  However we realized much to our dismay, that we…er HE… did not capture any of our other children on this most auspicious occasion. That will be remedied as soon as poosible.

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Michelle said...

Where to begin? The bathing cap...faint! The chins....faint! The back fat....double faint! The skirt plus thigh rolls combo.....double-decker with a cherry on top faint!

Finny's face and hand-to-heart... beyond delicious.

You are the world's best mother, celebrating all the things the rest of the world takes for granted. **Handing you a sparkly and very important sash emblazoned with the title "Miss Kickass Mom"**

Love your work.


Janet said...

Too cute! And WTG Finny.

Samantha said...

Hi, Kirsty! What a cutie! Sorry I dropped off the radar - injured myself pretty badly so I've had to lay low. Hope all is going well!