Schoooool’s out for the Summer! 2011 Edition.

On a boiling hot morning at the end of May my kids had an awards assembly. Ella and I attended by standing in the hallway where it was only 110 degrees rather than the 150 degrees it was in the gym. (This will explain the poor quality of the photos-hastily taken at a distance with jiggly baby in arm).  I am shocked that no one passed out. Happily it was worth the discomfort. I arrived as Gracie was being awarded outstanding artist and Star Artist of the Year for her grade. She got this award last year too. I’m so pleased for her because art is such a joy for her.  She hopes to be an Art teacher one day.
She also won the Citizenship Award (as chosen by her Art teacher!) This is a great honour and her big brothers have both won it in the past. Read all about it.  I love her shy smile in these photos. (The cute boy in the tie dye behind her is her honourary big brother Chase. He won the Citizenship for his grade. Love that photo too )
Gabe won the Presidential Fitness Award and was recognized for his Spelling Bee accomplishments.  I love his stricken face here. My boys seem to think looking miserable in the face of honour is the humble thing to do.  He was also voted by his class to be the flag bearer for the school olympics. Unfortunately the opening ceremonies had to be canceled due to the specrapular weather we had been having and he did not have his triumphant moment. Oh well. It’s the thought that counts…eh?
. DSC_0545DSC_0548
Later that day we returned to watch Gabe participate in the school olympics. Love this photo of Gracie and some of her friend cheering him and the other participants on.
It was about a million degrees that day and he sat in the baking sun for a full hour before his event.  He was all red and sweaty and melty and I was really worried about him. I called him over to the shade under the pretense of wanting to tell him something but really just to give him a break from the heat and something to drink. It was at this point that he informed me that he had practiced his event (500m) at recess.  I had to laugh through my dismay. I had to explain that practicing your event an hour before it occurred in the bajillion degree heat and humidity was probably not the most prudent plan. But he survived and did great.
That night he and our buddy Chase had their final practice for the lip synch the next day. I include these photos of their rehearsal because I had the wrong setting on my camera for the actual event and my photos were rubbish.
See? Fortunately their performance was not rubbish at all. It was stellar. They performed the Beatle’s Twist and Shout. Here they are “working it on out”. (Chase is doing one handed push-ups! Amazing!)
Gabe doing the worm-he was awesome!
They rocked.
Gabe also did a lip synch with his class. It was to Putting on the Ritz. It was very cool.
Ella did thisDSC_0678
And this throughout the whole very hot sweaty and LOUD afternoon. She is the best baby ever.
Gabe will be moving to the middle school next year. He will be among the first batch of 6 graders to complete 6th grade in middle school rather than elementary.  I was not prepared for this. And may have become a little verklempt.
His awesome teacher retired this year. I may have been a little verklempt about that too. She was a gem and was so supportive of him. She attended the spelling bees when he went to the county and regional level and she even came to one of his soccer games. Love her!
Finny’s teacher was a doll too. She was so kind and good with him when he developed some separation anxiety just before Ella was born.  I worked in her classroom once a week and marveled at her stamina and calm patience. Plus she is about the size of a first grader. So adorable. Love her!
Doesn’t Gracie’s teacher look like an angel? That’s because she is. She truly was heaven sent and helped Gracie through some really difficult times with great compassion and patience and personal sacrifice. It was such a relief to me to know Gracie was in such good hands. I know she will always have a very special place in all of our hearts. Love her!
(Gracie wore her first day of school outfit on the last day of school again-I love her sentimental heart).
And then it was over. I cannot believe the speed with which this year went. It almost seems like it did not happen. 
My baby..all done with first grade…sniff
My cool big boy…all done with Elementary School..sniff…sniff
And then time to party. What time is it? SUMMER TIME.
Incidentally..when I rushed up to the kids’ table at Dairy Queen and sang, “what time is it?”
(as I am wont to do)…Jessi (cute blonde on the left) was the only one who did not leave me hanging. Benjamin climbed under the table.

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Thalia Randall said...

Yay!! All the awards are very impressive. I am very impressed by Gabe doing the WORM!!!

Aaron said...

Our kids are awesome. Thanks for making them that way!