4 months

Alas, I remain tardy and errant in my blogging. I am happy to note though that it is now because I am busy making up for the lost time depression stole from me, and having lots of summer fun with my family,  which is a much, much better way to spend one’s time than paralyzed with said depression.  Hooray for pharmaceuticals! Can I hear a woot woot!?
In other happy news, Ella is 4 months old now! Isn’t that amazing? 4monthschubbyellaella4monthssweetbabyella
At her 4 month appointment:
her height was:25 1/2 inches (90th percentile),
her weight was 14lbs6oz (just over 50th percentile)
and her head circumference was 17 inches (99th percentile).
And so she continues her long, “lean” (hard to call her lean when you are squishing her yummy thigh rolls), big headed trend.  She is happy, healthy and perfectly edible in every way.
She has grown up so much this month! Here’s she is in beloved saucer on the day she turned 3 months old.
Day 1 (Curious yet floppy)
Day 6 (I can’t get enough of this series of pictures-and believe it or not, this is actually an edited selection!) they just show so much of her personality and I can hear all the funny little noises and chatting she does when I look at them. Oh she is so much fun!
Day 16 (Standing, not leaning)
Day 30 (look how much she has grown!) I love how efficient she is at doing all the little projects on her saucer now. She is very serious about it as she whirls around to each one. It is the most agonizingly cute thing.
We enjoyed a visit from our “Ohio Grandma and Grandpa” Moon. They brought goodies from Australia including beautiful matching dresses for Gracie and Ella.
Comforting her big brother when he was having a rough day…he adores her sooooo much!
Ella and her elephant lovey are already good friends as I hoped they would be. Ella and her fist are also very good friends.
Other  favourite toys this month were her saucer (of course) her Jacques the Peacock Lamaze toy and her Sophie Giraffe. Also her hands and everyone else’s. In fact she had nothing but hands to entertain her on the long drive to and from Chicago this month, (I’ll update on her first trip in a separate post Winking smile and she did not make a peep the whole time
She could roll from front to back when she was 2 months old, and from back to front when she was just barely 3 months old. She always had a big cheering section…
This month she loved loved loved blowing spit bubbles and raspberries. I can put up with all the drool because of the dimples.
rasberry blowr
She modeled the little outfit that Gracie was given ….a year ago.  Exactly one year ago I told the kids I was pregnant by giving them each a gift with a little “clue” attached. Gracie’s was the little owl onesie and her note said, “Hoo could be a better big sister than you?”
A year later we can confirm that nobody can….
Ellabeth enjoys chilling with her big brothers
And very graciously puts up with millions of kisses a day
She is also very, very (disturbingly) busy. Unfortunately I have no photos (although I do have video if you need proof) of her latest trick.  When she is not snoozing, she is busy in her little bathroom chair..where she is laser focused on opening the bathroom cabinets….this started early last month and she remains LASER focused. She will work and work on rolling, streeeeeeetching, then clasping the doorknob and spend her time opening and closing them over and over again for as long as she is in there. It sometimes takes quite a while for her to position herself where she can grab the doorknob but she just does.not.give. up. I have rarely seen such focus and determination in even an adult (heaven knows I don’t have it. ) As endearing and fascinating as it is now… it’s going to be a rough todderhood I fear….
On her 4 month birthday she celebrated with her big sister, whose 1/2 birthday it was that day too!  We thought  1/2 a cake was appropriate (Ella enjoyed it with milk later)
She is the so sweet and smart and HAPPY…she even smiles in her sleep…
Oh how we do soooooo very much love her!
Check out her progress! Ellabeth at 1 week, 2 weeks, one month, two months, three months

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

She is so cute and greatly loved. Everyone looks at her with such adoration.

Dahling said...

Cuteness ! LOVE the beautiful pictures and glad you are having Summer fun. Can't believe how much Ella looks like Finny !

Tooje said...

What a wonderful post to jump back into Momedy with. I do believe I will need to go back to Ellabeth's birth to get full scope of your life and where's it has been over the past 4 months. Hi again!

Anonymous said...

Rolling at two months??? That is indeed amazing! This said with no bias of course! Thanks for the lovely pics. So grateful you fill us in so well.

nyn said...

Wow, how time flies by so fast. You can definatly get a Woot! woot! from me for pharmecuticals. I am glad you are feeling better. Love you so much Kirsty. Thanks for posting all the beautiful pictures of Ella!

Kallie said...

thanks for the detail -- then i could feel like i was there, just a bit. Ella is so pretty.(michelle has a beautifully sweet voice - my beehive is growing up, sniff)