Back to School {2011 Edition}

My two middle schoolers.
Benj started 8th grade and Gabe was amongst the first set of 6th graders to start at the middle school.   They start bright and early (a full hour earlier than the others) so they had the breakfast table all to themselves.   They were very pleased that I did not have a pencil vase for them to take to their teachers this year.  The joys of middle school!DSC_0677DSC_0685
And they are off!  (I just noticed that they are somewhat matching, and trust me, I would not have dared to suggest such a thing for school. I guess we have matched for so many years that it is subliminal now Winking smile
An hour later…phase 2 is off.. (to 4th grade and 2nd grade)
And then it was just this busy little girl and me. She spent the day anxiously engaged in baby projects  DSC_0693
She helped me with the first day back cookies.
Gabe gets home first. He declared it a 2 thumbs up kind of day..
And wasted no time entertaining himself with Ella.
Then came Gracie and Finny
Who both loved their first day too.
And finally Benj showed up after cross country (prior to soccer practice). He declared it a double fisted cookie kind of day. (But he enjoyed it!)
I’m getting used to the relative quiet in the house and I find the days have gone by pretty quickly.  I still can’t believe that Summer is “over” though and that my kids are soo big. Sniff.
PS: I am already sick of making 4 school lunches every day. Blech. Pretty soon they will go back to doing that themselves…

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Tooje said...

What happy faces. Are you kids the ones that teachers just LOVE? I think they would be. They'd be MY favorites. I'd rough up their hair everyday...that's what I want to do to your boys in these photos. :)

Anonymous said...

You are such a good mommy! All these nice traditions for back to school! If the sandwich making gets to be too much, remember, you can devote one afternoon and then the kids can have the pleasure of having slightly frozen egg sandwiches. I am sure they will love them as much as you did!
Love, Marmie.