Blessing Day

Last Sunday our darling baby Ellabeth received her name and blessing at church. Family and friends came from near and far to share in her special day. We were so touched.
Ella wore the gorgeous heirloom dress her lovely Auntie Shona bought for Gracie to be blessed in. It was so special to have her there with us in that way.
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Ella was very good although she did comment in a bit of a grumbly manner regarding the way she was held when the blessing was performed. She is a big girl now you see, and does not appreciate being cradled like some sort of baby. It would have been good if she’d taken her nap during rather than after the event. But at least she did not cry. She very, very rarely cries.
Ella (a bit squinty) with her beautiful Auntie Thalia who came all the way from South Africa!
More squinty Ella with her “Ohio Grandma and Grandpa” , sweet Chuck and Joan Moon who came from Indiana.
The pretty Patton girls. Jill is known as my kids’ “other mother”.
Our pride and joy (or at least 1/5th of it Smile )
After her blessing, Michelle (who will one day be on Broadway) sang this beautiful song as her awesome dad Bill accompanied her. I recorded it with my iphone but I do not have a steady hand so I recommend closing your eyes and just listening to the beautiful music so you don’t get motion sickness.
Lovely sisters in their “little white dresses”. (Gracie wore her baptism dress which I thought was so sweet.) Her loving daddy gave her such a beautiful blessing, with many wonderful promises.
Ella also met her grandpa Sayer for the first time. He and Grandma Enola came in on the redeye from Utah just for her blessing. Ella and grandpa were very taken with each other. DSC_0511DSC_0512DSC_0518DSC_0523DSC_0524DSC_0525
It was a wonderful day, fitting for our sweet little angel. We are so blessed that she chose us as her family.
Sent to this earth
You were saved through the ages for this day
and time
Child of great worth
Child of promise, daughter of the Divine
Pure and holy in a little, white dress
You were held in a circle and you were
And the Father looked down
And the angels surrounded that place
They knew the truth, all that you could do
And you will, too, if you have eyes to see
What heaven sees in you~(What Heaven Sees in You)

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Steph said...

What a beautiful girl! I'm so happy that you were able to be surrounded by friends and family on Ella's special day.

Peg said...

She looks like Finny again in the photo with Thalia (who is indeed beautiful!)

Darling baby pics! Love little Ella!

Jill said...

Beautiful pictures! Michelle has an amazing voice, I'm sorry I missed hearing her performance in person. That day was so special but I really do wish you would have told me to stand up straighter and suck in my stomach! xxxxxxooooooo

Eden said...

My goodness, she is such a little doll. How wonderful to have so many of the family able to come from so far away! CONGRATULATIONS Ella.

Tooje said...

:) I could only glance at the grandpa Sayer/Ella photos. She has such a precious way of looking at people, I think, and it made me tear up in "aaahhhhhs" in an instant. So incredibly sweet. Congrats to you and yours.

Michelle said...

So beautiful. May she always be both blessed and a blessing. Love always to all of you.

Dahling said...

It looks like a wonderful day ! I LOVE all the pictures especially the ones with Grandpa Sayer which are too sweet for words. I loved seeing Ella in the dress and remembering the fun we had buying it together. Also great to see Thalia and Ella and Joan and Chuck and YOU and Aaron and Gracie and the boys....basically just wish I was there xx

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day! I cannot get over how much Gracie looks like Thalia! And Thalia does not look 12 anymore! You and Aaron have truly created a sacred family. Blessings to you all.

Love, Jen

Anonymous said...

Aaaaah!!!!! So sweet! Ella truly looks like her mommy at that age! I think it is the dimples. Such a sweet little smiler. Interestingly, Gladys, our helper, was looking at Gracie and thought it was Thalia. So Jen must be right. Thanks for taking lots of pics. and thank Granny and Granpa Moon for being there (I feel in our place!)
Love you.

Janet said...

What a special and beautiful day for your family. The pictures with Grandpa Sayer are just the sweetest.