Guess who is…

Ellabeth is 5 months old already. Five months. Wow. That one blows my mind more than any other for some reason.  This last month has gone incredibly fast.
She continues to be a joy and a pleasure in every way.  And a huge personality.
When she was 4 months old Ellabeth loved:
Pool parties
Playing in her saucer (still a big hit here). She twirls and jumps and does the “maniac” dance from flashdance, she throws her arms back and shrieks in delight and then she gets very serious and does her “projects” with great intensity. (Outfit courtesy of Grandma Joan who brought it all the way from Viet Nam!)
Sitting up like a big girl. She can sit unassisted for short periods for a few weeks now!
Long walks on the beach (see here too)
Shemly our dog. I will often catch her just gazing at her with a benign smile of fascinated delight.  Sometimes she just flaps her arms and shrieks with laughter when she sees her.
Talking and shrieking in general. (She will often wake me up in the morning with her happy chatting and coo-ing). Recently her saying, “Hey! and “Yay!” worked it’s way into my dream. When I woke up I discovered she was really saying that. So cute. Her favourite time of day to exercise her vocal chords with operatic trilling is late at night when she is in the bathroom with me and the other kids are asleep. My urgent “ssshhhhhh Ella!” do not have any impact on her.
My iPhone (especially one particular song which can take her from true heartbreak to absolute joy in one second flat. It is like an on/off switch. Quite amazing.)  Speaking of heartbreak she truly hardly ever cries. In fact the other day I was in the car with a friend who also has a baby and Ella started to cry and I was so unfamiliar with the sound that I didn’t even recognize it as her. 
She is a fan of any type of technology actually (and her big sister)
She also loves hanging with her big strong dad and brothers. (These taken at a concert in the park in Chicago)
Taking a bite out of a good book
Or watching a little nailbiting action on TV
(I love her adoring gaze here)
Being the family clown
And of course….her endlessly fascinating little piggies.
She also still loves, loves, loves nursing and gets so excited when she knows I am going to nurse her.  I swear she says “nur-nah” when she is really desperate.
Oh how adored she is! Oh how blessed we are!
Check out her progress: 1 month 2 months 3 months 4 months

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Janet said...

She is a doll! She looks a lot like her mama, especially in those first two pictures.

Anonymous said...

I agree Janet. She does look like her Mama. Also agree with you Kirsty that the past month has just FLOWN by. She is SOOOO cute and endlessly good natured. Particularly love the pics with her older sibbies, especially the one with Benj looking so serious and responsible!
Love Marmie.

Peg said...

is a saucer basically like the walkers of the old days but it doesn't have wheels to move?