Laughing baby

As of this morning, the older four kids are back in school. It was a whirlwind the last few days getting them ready for it, and the whirlwind will recommence as soon as they walk through the door, so Ella and I are enjoying a quiet, low-key day.

Occasionally I get a twinge of envy for my friends who have all their kids out of the house and total freedom (that was almost me!) but most of the time I am thrilled to have such a fun little side-kick to keep me company.

I took this video of her a couple of weeks ago-she had just turned four months. I had been drying my hair and flipped it and she started chortling. Then of course, I couldn't stop-even when it appeared that I was torturing her. (It's a bit long but it is guaranteed to make you smile). If the inbedded video below doesn't work, try clicking this link)

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Janet said...

Adorable! Nothing quite as sweet as a laughing baby.

nyn said...

I love this. Listening to little Ella laugh made my day. Absolutely so sweet and adorable!

Samantha said...

Wow, but she thought that was funny! Very sweet.

Jill said...

This brought Ella lovers running from all corners of the house...We adore her!

Tooje said...

Instantly laughing here. I'm pretty sure my husband thought I was nuts, but he couldn't see what I was watching. Love it!