Summer Lovin’…happened so fast..

Tomorrow, the kids return to school. I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, I am filled with a sense of dread and panic. With the sudden onset of homework, soccer (4 on travel teams), and cross country in addition to piano, scouts etc etc… our schedule becomes monstrous. Gone are the long, easy going evenings spent with friends with everyone staggering into bed around midnight and staggering out of bed mid-morning.  Gone are the sun-kissed afternoons chilling at the pool, chatting and snacking.  In their place-military like precision in planning pick ups and drop offs each evening. Strict bedtimes and traumatically early wake up calls.  Week nights and weekends spent on soccer fields.
One the other hand I have a tinge of happy anticipation at the idea of a fresh start.  A sense of relief at the idea of routine.  A looking forward to Ella being able to take uninterrupted afternoon naps while I get some long neglected housework done.
But I will miss my kids as always, and now there is the extra sadness that we will all have that they don’t get to see the baby as much. I will see very little of Benjamin for the next several weeks as he embarks upon his soccer/cross country regimen.  And there is always a great melancholy when Summer draws to an end, that my kids are growing up and there is nothing I can do about it. Admittedly this is not quite as profound as it has been in years past because I have the baby, but it is still there.
I thought I would share some (of the millions) of photos from our recent trip to the beach  (Lake Michigan) as we bid Summer adieu.  I have such a backlog of Summer photos and experiences to record but I figured I would have to start somewhere.
My little sister Thalia is visiting from South Africa. I had not seen her in a few years and this was the first time I got to spend one on one time with her since we were kids. It was a delight.  She was such a great sport and so funny. I rarely laugh the way I do with my mom and siblings. Oh how I wish my family lived closer.
I loved our time on the beach. I often say our family is at our best when we are isolated.  The more the better. This is why I want to buy a deserted island and be cut off from all technology. (Ironic as I express this desire on my blog).  My kids are such a cohesive unit when it is just them in the great outdoors, no distractions. It is a beautiful and heartwarming thing to see.
DSC_0538DSC_0539DSC_0537DSC_0548DSC_0549DSC_0554DSC_0558 - Copy
I love watching the joy and excitement that moving water can elicit. The water was really choppy while we were there to the extent that our favourite beach was closed for swimming. But we just drove down the road a little bit to an and went rogue..Winking smile
DSC_0559DSC_0560 - CopyDSC_0567DSC_0702 - CopyDSC_0574 - CopyDSC_0570 - CopyDSC_0587DSC_0589 - CopyDSC_0607 - CopyDSC_0611 - CopyDSC_0622 - Copy
Ella was so good for our trip. She loved the beach too… I love these photos of her. Isn’t she just so “with it” for just 4 months old?
DSC_0723DSC_0783DSC_0754 - CopyDSC_0784DSC_0785 - CopyDSC_0790 - CopyDSC_0749DSC_0797 - Copy
Of course we never stray far from soccer…
As I sat on the beach watching my family I felt so complete and blessed.
My cup runneth over…

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joan moon said...

Oh Kirsty...I loved this blog! The pictures and your discourse...the best ever. xoxo

Peg said...

Your family continues to be beautiful and one I love! Thanks for sharing these fun pics. (And you MUST tell me where to find Ella's darling swim suits!)

Aaron B. said...

Thanks for doing such an awesome job with recording our family memories and thanks for making it such a fun vacation. Love you!

Jen Lynn said...

Hee hee, I was just going to say the same thing as Joan & Peggy. I love you guys, you're the best.

I want a joyful attitude for my family just like your attitude.

And I want to learn how to take pictures like you do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty!
I have been meaning to ask you- what beach do you go to in Michigan, and can you give me directions? We are looking for a similar end-of-summer experience.. Can you message me on facebook? Thank you! Mwah!

Brenda said...

Well, I certainly am glad you do not live on that island because we would all miss out on you and your wonderful family! BTW, LOVE the chubby Ella legs!!! (just like mine!)

Anonymous said...

That lake looks like the sea! Stunning! And as usual your kids look like little Greek gods and goddess. Just too beautiful, radiating health and summer. Good for you Guys that you manage to give your kids these lovely memories. I echo Aaron that they are blessed to have a mom who records these happy occassions so fully.
Also, forgot in my other comment to say how lovely it was that Gracie wore her Baptism dress. Her idea or yours? She is such a little beauty, and such a sweet nurturer.
Love Marmie.

Janet said...

Such fun pictures of your family. Looks like the perfect summer getaway. I'm so glad you got to spend some one on one time with your sister.

Jessica said...

Oh gosh....I am loving those thigh rolls, and thinking that Ella would be the perfect beach companion for my beach loving Ty (along with his thigh rolls).
Love how you captured the kids...and their bonds. Love, love, love.