Happy Birthday Benj and Gabe!

Once again I am desperately remiss in blogging the auspicious event of Benj and Gabe’s birthday on July 28th. It was a fun-filled day of celebration and adulation.
Of course it all started with:
Birthday Bed-head 2011 Edition
This is what 11 vs 13 looks like.
That’s right friends, we have a teenager in da house.  Heaven help us all. Winking smile
Happy dance with their favourite baby
And at last it’s time for…presents!! Whohooooooo!!!!
Dude. Future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades…(and goggles!)
Long awaited-Soccer jerseys! Woot! Woot! The young Fabregas and the young Renaldo
It was as you can tell…a soccer themed birthday.  (As part of a soccer themed life)
After birthday presents and bagels we were surprised with a visit from
Hope Solo                          and                           David Villa
who traveled all the way to our home to sing happy birthday to some of their biggest fans.
Me and Aaron, who had taken the day off then  happily took the birthday boys (and Ella) to see Harry Potter in 3D (no pics of us in our sexy glasses-ah maaaan!). It was an awesome movie but I got choked up at the end knowing it was the end of an era and that my boys are getting so so…big…..sniff. Double whammy.
And then of course it was to the pool where friends wished them happy birthday. Some more enthusiastically than others
I love my handsome devils!
They chose to eat at a Chinese buffet for their birthday dinner. (My kids have an undying admiration for Chinese buffet).  Our sweet little server surprised them with a special dessert
After we had dinner we come home to a balloon blitz courtesy the Pattons. Thank you dear Pattons!
They ended the day with a sleepover at their friends’ house where they were surprised with an ice cream cake and much coveted Adidas flip flops.  Such nice friends! Thank you dear Nichols’!
I am so proud of my big boys.  They are kind, hard working, talented and most importantly, they are good people. 
All this and handsome too. I am a lucky mama.  And apparently an old one. (A TEENAGER!!!!!!!)
See how they’ve grown: Birthday Bed-heads   2008,  2009, 2010

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Jill said...

At what point do you think Ben is going to stop looking and/or feeling tortured every time Jessi hugs him? It's for life so he should probably get used to it :)

Anonymous said...

Glad we got to put in the first comment. Looks like you boys had a FABULOUS birthday. Are you not lucky to be born in the summer time when the living is easy. You all look so tanned and handsome and gorgeous (Hope Solo I mean).
Lots of love,
Granny, Grandpa and Aunty Thalia.