Five things Friday

Five things I like
1.Drinking hot chocolate as my sweet baby naps on the couch beside me
2. Pretty leaf confetti in my yard
3.The fact that it is Friday
4.The fact that I don’t have to pay for or stress over costumes for Benj and Gabe this year.
5. The fact that I have exercised hard 4 days this week
Five things I don’t like
1.When I get busted doing  something my kids get into big trouble for doing. (Drinking hot chocolate on the couch). Guess today is slipcover wash day.
2.Leaf confetti on my floors
3.The fact that it is not payday.
4.The fact that my 2 oldest boys have decided they are too old for Halloween this year. Sad smile Thankfully Ellabeth is here to replace at least one of them on the trick or treat trail Winking smile
5.The fact that I was supposed to have exercised hard for five days this week which means I don’t get the weekend off.

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Sara A Broers said...

It's easy to not appreciate Fall...But those Fall colors are beautiful, even though the season is short lived! Ahh yes...and exercise...It's something we all have to do and sometimes have to drag ourselves to do it...But, so worth it!

Anonymous said...

Lucky that hot choc. mark is on your couch and not mine!!! You have to exercise 5 days a week??? Seems a bit harsh! Your baby is so cute, you are right, but so are the others.