Epic Thanksgiving Retrospective~ 2011 Edition

The word for this Thanksgiving Weekend is “full”.  As in wonderful.   This will be long, but endure to the end because it just gets better and better. TRUST ME.
One of my favourite things about Thanksgiving is cuddling up with my kids to watch the Macy’s Parade. In reality, they cuddle up with me for a few minutes and then lose interest and wander away. And I sit and watch and fantasize about living in New York City. In an apartment overlooking the parade like the poor little rich girl in Miracle on 34th Street.
After that was out of the way, we started off the day in a wholesome way (as opposed to the way we ended the day. Read on..)The boys played football bright and early (Aaron’s ribs are still recovering) , then we all convened for a chilly turkey trot/shuffle in the park.
After these wholesome athletic pursuits, we went home to get beautiful and reconvened for the purpose of gluttony. But! First! More wholesomeness! Singing of Thanksgiving hymns and traditional folk songs much beloved of Richardsons in days of old! 

Then! Pondering of blessings! Carol served as mistress of ceremonies this year as we all tried to guess who had written what.DSC_0190
Our greatest blessing since last Thanksgiving.
A couple of my favourite shots of the day. Aren’t these two serenity personified?
I am so thankful for my family and friends. To spend this special day with such wonderful, kind and funny people. I am truly blessed.
I love that my children have people who love them here.
And then! It was time to FEAST.  And what a feast it was. I am thankful for gourmet foodie friends.DSC_0240
We thought we would introduce 1/2 Idahoan Ella to mashed potatoes in honour of her first Thanksgiving.  They were not a hit with her. That’s my girl.
After the feeding frenzy it was time to burn some more calories in order to make room for pie. Awesome Aaron took the kids to the park for soccer. And the rest of us went for a walk.
Cue Heavenly Choirs……
Michael created a pie piano bar ambience that was a little bit cozy and a little bit chic.
My two bwown boys. Too full and sleepy to smile.
Time for fun and game. As an unprecedented treat even Nathan joined in on Apples to Apples. None of us will ever be the same.DSC_0341

Muss Cindi and our inestimable Hostess with the Mostest. the lovely Amy, show us how to shake our groove thang.
The boyz are in da house.
And now!Time for CONSUMERISM!  The annual spreading of the circulars.
Cindi and Ella bond over the deals
Ella cannot contain her joy over the jewelry  (she perfected her clapping on Thanksgiving AND she got her first top tooth-so much to be thankful for!)
Nathan cannot believe what he is about to do.  Nor can anyone else.  Pretty safe to say he will not be repeating that cultural experiment.
Every Thanksgiving we debate back and forth over whether we should partake in the horror story that is Black Friday. Almost every year, Cindi and I do. And it turns out to be fabulous fun.  This year was no exception. Except that we were accompanied by husband and some children.  A teen and an infant to be exact.  Good times.  Not always.   We scored some great deals and shopped literally until we dropped. From midnight til 6:30am.  Seriously, the time flies.  Thanks to Amy for allowing our kids to sleep over at her house so that we could accomplish this dubious feat. Not like she hadn’t hosted us and several others for 12 hours prior to this.  She’s a saint our Amy. No truly. She is. 
So when we got home, I intended to push through the day and have a grand sleep that night.  But something made me blow off those plans, and take a short nap. Something called Divine Mercy.
On Saturday evening we were decorating for Christmas, when at about 8:30pm I got a call that a little Richardson bebe was on his way into the world.  And my assistance as Doula was requested.   It was my privilege to watch and assist as this sweet couple
Became this happy family
With the addition of this beautiful boytranquilo
Mama was a heroine. Papa was a star. Congratulations Joel and McKenzie on your lovely little Axel! You done good.
The little cherub was born at 11:55am which meant I had pulled another all nighter. Two in a row. (During which I did not nurse or pump for 15 hours. Holy-c(OW)!! )  Which also may help to explain why I look like a very scary greenish vampire in this picture.   Yikes. (I can’t even blame  the lighting because look at the perfect baby.) 
Sleep deprivation and chest woes aside, I feel so thankful to have the training and opportunity to do this work. It can be hard but is always very fulfilling.
On Sunday night, we finished packing our Gabey baby for a week long camp (sniff) and completed decorating the Christmas tree.
And then attempted some Christmas card pictures,  but alas, ended up with only outtakes
Oh well. Can’t win em all.
And that, Gentle Readers,  concludes our Epic Thanksgiving Weekend 2011 retrospective.  Thank you for plowing through with me.
It was indeed one to be thankful for.
Ghosts of Thanksgiving’s Past: 2008, 2o10

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Becky said...

I love the idea of singing Thanksgiving hymns before feasting! Why hasn't my family thought of that before? I wonder if they'll let me start a new tradition next year.

Tooje said...

You sing and do blessing guessing? You have fun friends to share with, and Wii time to dance with? What fun you guys are. I tell you always, and I mean it...I totally want to join your family.

Kallie said...

I love the green vampire. I love every other thing too. It just got right to me and made me laugh out loud that you would post it and then make fun of it--- haha I love you

Joan Moon said...

I always love reading about your Thanksgiving event...Amy is truly a gracious hostess and you are building such memories~

Brittany said...

I love the look on Amy's face in the picture of Nathan playing Apples to Apples. So funny.

I'm so glad you got to help McKenzie and their beautiful boy! Next in line, ME. Around Easter :P

Jules said...

Don't tell my family, but I miss BG Thanksgivings so much it hurts. I truly cried as I read this...give my love to everyone!!!

Amy said...

It made me so sad to read all of that and realize how miserable my life is in comparison. And then I realized, oh wait, that IS my life! And here I was thinking I was just a normal humdrum human being. It's good to have a narrator. --NR