Gratitude on the 3rd

1.So grateful for an amazingly kind and unselfish husband. Neither of us got a lot of sleep last night (read: hardly any) but I guess he is tougher. I was crazy tired when he got home from work, and he sent me right to bed for a nap. A lovely, beautiful, desperately needed nap. He took care of kids and dinner and dishes.  A prince he is.
2. I get to stay home so that when I have a rough night like last night,  I can stagger around the house all day and have verrrry sloooooooow thought processes and nobody comments on my zombie like appearance or the fact that I can’t speak coherently. People who have to go to work and are expected to be fully functional when very sleep deprived, have my undying admiration.
3. My baby is ridiculously cute so even when I am zombie like with fatigue (because of her night time antics, )I am delighted by her.
I’m doing my super attractive“I can’t stand how cute you are, I might have to eat you” involuntary lip clamp. She’s doing her, super adorable “I can make cool sounds with my mouth now”  thing.
4.I have the sweetest dog in the world.  We could not have ordered up a better one. I’m so grateful she came into our lives. The thing she is doing in the picture on the right is her loud yawn. She does this in the morning when she needs to go out. She is extremely polite.
5. My kids have a committed, loving and  involved dad. I seriously cannot imagine doing this whole parenting thing with anyone else.sweetdaddy

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Anonymous said...

Oh my word, but that is the cutest pic. of Ella! I pointed out to your baby sister that you were trying not to bite her because she is so cute! Even before I had read your confession. And that dog makes me miss BOTH my Shem and Em SO much. She is just the best, best. As for the husband, well, he is just the best! I guess he was pretty tired after getting home from work too! What a star!
The bad Marmie