Gratitude for the magic of photography

I have much gratitude to catch up on, but let us start with my immense gratitude for the gift of photography. It is such a miracle really. It allows us to capture the past in a tangible way and revisit it. It retains memories that would be long forgotten. It allows us to marvel and laugh and compare…and marvel some more.
Case in point.
Here is my sweet Gabey baby who is 11 now (and just as sweet as ever), this was taken of him at around the age our sweet Ella is now. People always wonder who Ella looks like…
Gabey Baby 1
Hmm… I don’t there a resemblance at all?
Here’s Gabey sporting his Blue Steel pose (can you believe I never connected it with Blue Steel until my sister Thalia visited this Summer and pointed it out? Now I just laugh every time I see it.)
Gabey Baby 2
And EllaB doing her Marilyn Monroe
Oh the great joy photography has brought to my life. And comfort. This is the way I share my babies with my extended family. My cross to bear is having them so far away, but it is made bearable through photography.
I am so, so grateful for photography, digital photography, a nice camera and so many technological means of sharing it.  Huge gratitude.

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Tooje said...

:) What sweet photos. And I agree. We truly need to be grateful for the technology we are given to share with our loved ones.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful too. What a wonderful way to be part of their lives. And oh my! Are they beautiful or what??? Want to squish that Ella girl! I am also grateful that her Mama is such a good (and keen!) photographer!!
Thank you, my little Paparazzi