I’ve got some catching up to do. Grateful today for:
Good health insurance
Caring doctors.
The fact that my husband can and will take off work to accompany me and/or our children to Dr.’s appointments whenever necessary.
Genuinely caring friends.
Watching my kids thoroughly enjoy their baby sister. Just a few of tonight’s antics which brought them much delight include: hilarity over her petting the dog, amazement as she drummed on her highchair tray in imitation of Finny doing the same on the table, the sound of her tapping her tiny teeth on the cup as I let her sip water, hysterical laughter over the way she blinks and cringes  in anticipation before the things she tosses down even hit the ground.
Grateful over the last several days for

private-selection-ice-cream-2064 Heaven in a cone. Worth every.single.calorie. Yes.

Pinterest. Holy cow, that is some good stuff!  The ultimate in nursing past-times. It’s just amazing how much creativity and beauty there is in the world.  And now it is so readily accessible.It makes me very happy.
rainbow skewer
*source (via pinterest)
The miracle of my body. I’m ashamed to say I have been mostly really down on mine since I had the baby because it isn’t the size or shape I want it to be, but it works.  It gets up every day and does what it needs to do to care for my family, to do the things I want to do, it feeds and comforts my baby. It’s an absolute miracle and I’m grateful for it and for the great inestimable gift of good health.
Clean bed linen. Courtesy of my dear husband.
*source (via pinterest)

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Anonymous said...

She is drumming in imitation of Finny???? This kid is a genius, and good natured! You are right. You have a lot to be grateful for as do we all.

Tooje said...

I'm really coming to appreciate the feelings you get from watching sibling love grow. I've been anxious to get where you've been with my kids, and it's starting to develop. Yea! Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for the "show". Tonight, I will enjoy it! Until my basketball game comes in, then they all just better be quiet and in bed. Ha ha.

(what is pinterest? I know, I know...I'm behind the times.)