Thanksgiving Eve

‘Tis the Eve of the start of my favourite weekend of the year. Oh how I love it.
Today I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for:

  1. Wonderful friends who serve as our extended family when ours is so far away. They have made this my favourite weekend of the year. It used to be a really sad day for me.
  2. My real family who are wonderful friends. I miss them so, but am grateful for all the ways we can keep in touch. When I first moved to the US phone calls were like, a dollar a minute, mail took weeks and email was not available. I used to send faxes to my mom via the college library. It was awkward. Now I can call for free, text and even see my family in real time. It is a complete miracle.
  3. My amazing husband, I am still excited to see him every day and so happy I get to cuddle up with him every night.
  4. My healthy fun and funny kids who make me laugh and keep me young
  5. My healthy delicious baby and her thighs
  6. My sweet, good doggy (and even the chewy poopy bunny.)
  7. Technology, it can be a bad thing but it can also be a really, really good thing.
  8. Yankee Candles and the sense of smell
  9. Good food
  10. My healthy body, it’s done so much for me
  11. A cheap local movie theatre. Aaron and I went for our first solo date since I had Ella. We saw Breaking Dawn. Yup. I intended to laugh and mock, but instead I passed out. Not even kidding.  Anyway, we had an Epic Date for $6. Can’t be beat. (See also #1: good friends who watched our baby). PS: Grateful I did not end up on the filthy theatre floor.
  12. My house, as messy as it is (thanks to #4 )
  13. The amazing, amazing weather we are having today (and apparently tomorrow too!)
  14. Electricity. I have lived where it being on at any given time, is not always a foregone conclusion and that can make preparing big feasts a bit tense.
  15. Everything that keeps me warm.  My awesomely cozy coat (which arrived the day before the cold weather really hit), the heat in our house, fuzzy blankets, warm comforters, my husband, seat warmers in our van. (Every time I get bitter about having a van payment again I think of the seat warmers….)
  16. The joy of waking up to a happy baby every day and getting to stay home with her all day.  There is nothing happier than being able to cuddle and nurse her in my warm bed on a chilly morning.
  17. Seasons and holidays. I love festivity and occasions to bring friends and family together and celebrate.
  18. A wonderful little town which fosters a sense of community through downtown holiday parades and tree lightings with free hot chocolate and horse wagon rides. I am especially grateful that this year we had fun people on the ride with us who joined in with our raucous caroling.DSC_0154DSC_0184DSC_0194DSC_0199DSC_0188
  19. Root touch up and the “ombre” hair colour trend. It works for me. Oh yes it does.
  20. Ella’s cute new boots. How can they not make you happy? Want some for your bebe? See here.ellainboots2
  21. Easy recipes. Online. And the ability to look them up when you are at the grocery store at 10:30pm
  22. The fact that you can grocery shop at 10:30pm on Thanksgiving’s Eve. (And find everything you need, and some things you don’t). Grateful not to be that poor
  23. Have I mentioned clean, warm running water? Clean fluffy towels?
  24. Incredibly generous family and friends who have helped us out in so many ways, so many times over the years. 
  25. My faith. It is such a great comfort and guidance to me.
Happy Thanksgiving my friends! Thanks for reading my blog Smile

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Johnny and Betsye Park said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Kirsty and fam!! I'm grateful that you are in our lives! xoxo

Tooje said...

Passed out??? I hope you mean falling asleep, but is that true?

:) Happy weekend to you!