A few of my favourite things on a Friday

1. Daily showers with my baby. Her happy coo as the warm water hits her chilly little body, the divine smell of her Elizabeth Anne baby shampoo. (Situation! Marmie! We are almost out and can’t find the pink type online! Help?!), the impossible softness of her baby skin, the gratuitous squeezing of her thighs and chubby cheeks (both ends), the way she wraps her little arms tightly around my neck, the way she stares in wonder at the water spray and the drops dancing in the sun from the skylight above the shower.  Wrapping her up in a warm fluffy towel after.  Buttering her buns and every inch of the rest of her with baby lotion. Fluffing up her crazy hair. Dressing her in soft cute clothes……

2. Speaking of bun butter…I love love love this stuff.  I use it on myself and I used it on my baby. It smells like heaven, it feels like heaven. It is non-greasy and wonderful in every way.My sister Thalia gave me some when she visited and I am hooked for life.
3.Having Gabey baby home from camp.  The reunion of siblings was the sweetest part. Watch this. It’s awesomely cute.  And totally reminds me of this.  Smile

Gabe returned from camp today and was demonstrating the camp songs he had learned. This was the first time Ella heard any of them. She was into it. Yes indeedy.
4. Feeling better (I think!Knock wood!) thanks to my friend Kim’s miraculous soup and the help of modern medicine I actually got out of bed today.
5. The anticipation of a date with my husband. And we’re off. Happy Friday darlings!

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Jill said...

Adorable! Gabe looks like he had fun and like he grew up overnight.

Tooje said...

How adorable is that video? Baby dancing is wonderful. Sibling love is magical. Congrats on feeling better!