Welcome December!

It is December 1st and it is appropriately frosty outside. But! Sunny too! So that bodes well.
I love December with all my heart. It is a magical month and so I am frankly pretty bummed to be sick this week. I had big plans to kick off the month with a big festive bang but I cannot seem to shake the lurgy. No matter, we will still proceed with our millions of traditions, although they will probably go into full swing tomorrow, when Gabey baby returns from a chilly week at camp. I can’t get 100% cozy with things until he is back in the nest. Y’know?
Oh, I can’t wait to get his sweet cheeks in my mitts again! How cute is this boy?!   I have missed him so, although I will admit to not shedding tears at his departure as I did with my firstborn. Maybe because he was a year older. Probably though, because I only had to wave goodbye as he got into our car. Aaron did the dropping off since I was sick (sigh).  The bus scene probably would have undone me. This time the younger sibling weeping in his wake was sweet Gracie. Sniff.
Aaron stayed home today. He has been sick too, for a while now. But he is one of those annoying folk who have to be haemmorhaging before they call in sick. But today, because I am sick, he relented so that he could take care of me. Sweet, silly man. We took turns napping.  I think we are both a bit better for it.
Happy, happy December m’lovelies!  Last month was about what I am Grateful for. This month is all about My Favourite Things.  Today’s favourite things are:
1. The way Mindy Gledhill music ALWAYS soothes Ella. She will cease crying and sit up and smile instantly upon hearing her dulcet tones. Today she added her most adorable newly acquired clap to her joyful appreciation of Mindy’s new Christmas song.
2. Supremely kind friends who jump at the chance to bring a meal or pick up kids or just generally offer support when we are sick. (Or would if they could).
3.Wendy’s cranberry pecan salad
4. Ella’s chubby legs stuffed into leggings.
5. The UPS truck slowing….and then stopping…outside OUR house
PS: One of my favourite things is giving things away: Congratulations to Mama Rachel who is the lucky winner of our My Baby Clothes giveaway. Thank you for playing!

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Brigitte J2K said...

I feel very much the same way about Mindy's music... it brings such an unexplainable calmness to me. I love her!

Anonymous said...

Got to get Christina to check out this Mindy chick's music. We are getting heartly sick of Hallelujah from Shrek which seems to do the same thing for the Fat Baby! Gabey is indeed a beautiful child.