A Fresh New Year

Hello Luvvies!  Happy New Year!
(This is my living room this morning, the décor is left over from Gracie’s “Winter Wonderland party last week, it is so bright and cheery though, that I might leave it up all Winter….)
This is my first post of 2012. The long hiatus was not by design. Alas! Immediately after I posted my last post which was supposed to be the first of a series in a mammoth catch up in preparation for an onslaught of new posts…my computer gave up the ghost.
Thanks to a kind and clever friend (thanks Nick Rodgers!) we have just been reunited, and it feels so good.
So very much to catch up on! Oh so VERY MUCH.
Where were we when last we chatted?  Hmmmm….
Sometime about a month ago my sister Shona called one dark and dreary Monday morning to tell us the uber exciting news that she and her husband Marc would be arriving at an airport near us in just 10 days. My sister lives in Australia and I had not seen her in 3 years so this was indeed exciting news. We were all ecstatic. And then, as the major, chocolate covered cherry on top, she announced that they would be taking us all to Disney World. Can you imagine?! It was a dark and dreary Monday morning no more.
The boys had already left for school but this was their reaction to the news when they got home:

Soooo coming up…..ASAP you can look forward to hard-hitting news posts covering: (not necessarily in this order)
The Arrival of Shona and Marc
Ella is Nine Months Old!
Christmas Eve!
Christmas Day!
Kids go on a week long road trip with Shona and Marc!  Aaron and I experience having an only child for a while. (Fun for everyone).
New Year at Disney!
More Disney!
Yet more Disney!
Caroline’s Pinterest Worthy 10th Birthday Party!
Fun with Shona and Marc in Ohio!
Isn’t it exciting?  Can you ever stand the anticipation? I can’t! I can’t!  Stay tuned!
Shona and Marc left yesterday afternoon. It feels empty and sad without them but on a high note I found the Key Lime Pie Shona forgot in the fridge and ate it in my super clean living room while I looked at photos of the last month. Did I mention that my sister doesn’t just take my entire family to Disney for 8 days (and my kids for a fun and educational week-long road trip prior to that, and a fun road trip for several days on the way home). She and her husband also clean, fix, organize, dog walk, baby sit, shop, drive, entertain, take us out for dinner, cook and clean some more.  Also they are fun. And they make me laugh. And they love my kids so well which makes my heart so happy. My home has not been so clean since before Ella was born.  It’s such a great way to start a New Year. Why did they have to leave? Boo.
How is your 2012 going, darlings? I have missed you!

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Janet said...

Well, I can't wait to see more. Lots of wonderful pictures and stories to look forward to.

The Sayer Family said...

Holy Smokes I love you living room and wish that my could look like yours . . . beautiful! Can't wait for all the posts to follow!

Tooje said...

Your sister cleaned your house??? Oh my. I just almost fainted. What a wonderful visit you must have had. Maybe I need to move away so I can have these same sorts of feelings and such.

2busy said...

Your living room is so light and cheerful. I don't think any dreary Monday could affect that. AND, you lucky girl! WOW!!