Guess who is 10 months old?

This beautiful little baby. Isn’t she the sweetest? Don’t you want to squish her thighs?! Here, I’ll do it for you. There.
Ellabeth turned 10 months old on her big sister Gracie’s 10th birthday! How cool is that? She was very excited, as you can tell.
As usual, I am late in my report. In truth, at this typing, our Ellababy isalmost 11 months old. So without further ado…Here is some of what she did in her tenth month of life (aka when she was 9 months old). So complicated!
When Ella was 9 months old she had a Very Big Month. Wanna see? She….
Met her Auntie Shona and Marc for the first time. She loved them sooo much and they loved her too!
Celebrated her first Christmas Eve!
And participated in her first Nativity Play! She was the Babe in a toga/swaddling clothes. She loved her manger.
And opened her first Christmas stocking! On her first Christmas morning! After about 4 hours of sleep! Note the puffy eyes!
And later that day she opened her first Christmas presents!
And attended her first Christmas night dinner/talent show at the Richardsons!
Where she applauded everyone’s efforts heartily
And indulged Nathan in his goofiness…
Experienced being an only child for a week!
Kirsty's old iphone 1-19-12 025
She spent a lot of time texting to deal with the suffocating extra parental attention
Kirsty's old iphone 1-19-12 034

Took her first flight! Here she is having her in-flight beverage, admiring the view and zonked out.
Kirsty's old iphone 1-19-12 062Kirsty's old iphone 1-19-12 085
Kirsty's old iphone 1-19-12 059e
To Florida!  Where she went to Disney World! For the first time!
Experienced her first New Year’s Eve!  At Disney!  Can you spot her?
1-13-12 110
Gave a lot of high 5’s!
Experienced lemon for the first time!
Kirsty's old iphone 1-19-12 119Kirsty's old iphone 1-19-12 120
Was invited to co-pilot our airplane. The stewardess thought she deserved the honour as the cutest baby on our plane. And I’m not going to lie.There were a LOT of babies. Not bragging. Just saying. Ok totally bragging but…it’s true!
Kirsty's old iphone 1-19-12 283Kirsty's old iphone 1-19-12 282
Kirsty's old iphone 1-19-12 281
Went on her first carousel ride (and many, many other rides).  She took it all totally in stride. Pay no mind to her possessed eyes.
Kirsty's old iphone 1-19-12 162
Had her first brush with the law after she shoplifted this Minnie Mouse.
Kirsty's old iphone 1-19-12 256
Had her photo taken with two lovely Brazilian fans on a tram at Disney. They could not handle her cuteness either.
Slept practically anywhere and totally put up with the fact that everyone was having too much fun at Disney to change her diaper with any regularity. She was soooo laid back and go with the flow.  Dare I say she was our lowest maintenance child?
Had some pensive moments…
Went to many restaurants and was an angel at all of them. Here she is spending the evening playing with a spoon while the grown ups ignored her and ate sushi. She is a very sophisticated baby. She knows you do not fuss in a sushi restaurant.sushi
Worked at her bum scootch, never without a random bottle in hand058059060057064062
Cast spells of cuteness on everyone she met.
Still loved falling asleep on her daddy’s shoulder. (One of my favourite photos of all time)…
And spent lots of quality time with her fur sister. She loves her soooo much.
When she was 9 months old Ellabeth was adventurous, brave, flexible and completely fun.
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Sara said...

That's an ADORABLE photo of her sleeping on daddy's shoulder although MY what a large pom pom you have taped to her head!

Very sweet, all of them.


DianeSS said...

She is extremely cute, and I enjoyed reading about all her little adventures!