Guess who is 11 months old?!

TODAY!! Yes, I am feeling so very efficient. Today my bambino is 11 months old. Which means 1 month until her birthday!  How can it be?! Sniff…
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Today Aaron and I decided that this whole, “they are only a baby until they are 1 year old” nonsense is total rubbish, and that she will qualify as a baby until she is at least two. We were pleased with that decision. I mean really, look how little she is still.
Although here she does look like a demure little lady
When she was 10 months old,  our baby was very pleased to have her own chopsticks and to be dancing with her big brother, Finny.
She was also very delighted with her big furry sister who she loves to feed from her high-chair
Shemly makes her laugh…a lot….as you can tell. This also shows a bit of her bum scootching..

When she was 10 months old, she spent:
lots of time nursing while holding hands with mama, and loving her daddy
And exploring the house-every nook and cranny
When she was 10 months old, she enjoyed her first sled ride and her first Valentines’ Day
And she started taking much more regularly timed naps (hooray!)
214 203
She found great comfort in pill bottles and medicine cups. Often clutching them as she slept. We are mildly concerned.
(I may have a little bit of an obsession with sleeping pictures.)
Sporting her size 2 Winking smile diaper and a bow selected by big sister
Had tons of fun with bubbles
Bright eyed and bushy tailed after a night of not very much sleep for either of us.  How does that work? (Note the path of destruction in her wake-the systematic dismantling of every room has begun in earnest)
She practiced her standing but it makes her quite nervous and she is much more happy to bum scootch around. I don’t think she will be walking anytime soon.
Rosie the Riveter and goofing off in church (have no idea where she got that tendency..)
Girlfriend still loves, love, love to “nurnah!”-she claps with delight when she nurses, even in the middle of the night, when she is half asleep (do you like my modesty flower patch?)
Chilling in her chair and hanging with her daddy.
She took her first train ride this month. (To Chicago). She loved it. Spent some time flirting with a little boy and catching up on her current events.
After a wild 24 hours in Chicago she spent the morning in Ann Arbor catching up on her beauty sleep…..
But she woke up in time for brunch. We had parked her reclined under the edge of our table and laughed our heads off when we saw her pulling up from her lying up position to see the action.
She continued to be a sweet little sweetie pie. Don’t you love her little crossed feet when she eats?  Don’t you love her dimple? Don’t you love her little tongue? Don’t you just love her?!  We do!
When she was 10 months old Ellabeth could say: “uh-oh” –(and would go out of her way to create opportunities to say it). “ow!” “hi” “mama” “daddy”  “oh yeah” “nana” (for nursing) “yucky”. Here she is doing a bit of chatting. (Please excuse my stupid, sappy baby voice. Why do I do that?!)

She loves: Laughing at Shemly and Finny, playing in Gracie’s room, playing crazy with her big brothers Benj and Gabe….
holding pill bottles and baby ibuprofen bottles and medicine cups…hmmmm…
Eats SO MUCH BETTER (although with a decided lack of variety).
Sleep somewhat better (but is still up at least a couple of times a night…le sigh)
Sings along to music, she can really hold a tune! 
She will share yummy things
She is very techie, still loooooves my iphone and can find her music on it. I laughed so hard when I was reading her Goodnight Moon and she kept turning the page back and pushing on the little picture of the mouse with her thumb. I finally realized she thought it would make the book interactive. The mouse picture looks a lot like the on/off switch of my iPhone.
Smacks her lips when she wants to nurse or eat, quite hilarious.
She puts her head on your chest or against your arm as a show of affection.  So sweet.
Conducts to music, gives high fives, waves, claps, bum scootches…
makes every day so much better.
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2busy said...

She is such a beautiful baby! And, if she ends up being your last, then she will always be referred to as the baby. It is a proven fact...

DianeSS said...

You are such a great mom to be documenting her life and achievements so well and with so many great photos! Ella is adorable!