Happy Heart Day!

Hello luvvies!
Did you have a lovely day?  I did! I heart Valentine’s Day. It is always a bright and pretty spot right in the middle of a tedious month.  I will report in full tomorrow, but I am determined to stay on a roll and I could not wait to share these delicious pictures of my littlest love…enjoy.
Today we had a snow day so her siblings took her for her first ride on a sled. How cute is she with her little boots on the wrong feet?
laughing girl
She was DELIGHTED and loved every moment, chortling all the while.
Ella is not like me at all, in that she absolutely adores a cold breeze in her face.
My sister and I refer to this blissful state she enters whenever she is in an artic wind, as having the  “wind in her feathers”.I love the trusting/adoring smile she is giving her most beloved Finny here. Oh how she worships him!
How yummy is she??! More yummy than Ferrero Rocher covered in nutella, that’s how yummy! 
I lovely love my family!

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Anonymous said...

Somehow my comment got axed! I think it said perfect little Valentine outfit! Little pink cheeks to match. How lucky that she enjoys the joys of cold weather. Thanks for keeping such a good record. Love, Marmie

DianeSS said...

The red is the perfect colour against the backdrop of the snow, to show off your littlest one! She is darling!

Tooje said...

My oh my. Kissable all day long.