Spring in February

I have been in a pretty bad slump for a while, but I could not resist the gorgeous Spring-like sunshine today, and so I gathered up the girls and we headed for the trail.
It was warm and sunny but sooooo incredibly windy. Which Ella loved and Shemly did not seem to mind one bit. I, on the other hand, have enough to contend with, with the squirrel loving dog on a malfunctioning leash, my own  increasingly whale-like physique to mobilize, trying to keep my cap on, and of course safely maneuvering the stroller without adding gale force winds to the mix. So about half a mile in, we left the trail and headed for the hood which was somewhat more protected from the wind.
Usually I must have music to run. but it seemed such a travesty not to listen to the happy chatting, and gleeful shrieks coming from my baby who was so high on life, with the wind in her feathers (hair) and her puppy by her side. When I ran faster she would let out a huge whoop and kick her little legs like crazy. When I slowed down the legs would stop kicking. Talk about motivation.  It was brilliant.
The funniest part was when we got to the front door after a couple of miles of battling the gusts. Apparently, her hat had slipped down over her eyes and nose and she was smart enough to leave it that way. Such a smart girl.
Here she is removing her protective gear.
Happy smile and little pink nose. There is nothing like running in the great (windy) outdoors with a happy dog and a thrilled baby to make you feel alive.
Best RX for a slump, bar none. I love Spring in February.

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2busy said...

Can I say that I love that she is covered in pink? I was anti pink with my daughter after raising two boys. I wish I hadn't been such a stinker.

DianeSS said...

Good for you for getting out and running in the wind, and for contending with a dog and a stroller! I only took up running when I was able to get out by myself and I always admire the moms I see who are out there running with their babies! There certainly is nothing like fresh air and exercise to chase away the doldrums!

Tooje said...

2busy's comment makes me remember how I felt about pink as soon as I realized I was having a girl. I was like, "OH NO....now everyone is going to bombard me with PINK!" And they did.

And I realized I didn't end up minding one bit. Because our little stinkers look so darn cute in it.

Spring in February IS a terrific thing.