Valentine’s Recap

I promised it yesterday but I’m not very good at keeping bloggy promises am I?
Here are some scenes from Valentine’s Day (and a day or two before)
I wore this around my neck all day.
(Fun fact: I actually stole this picture from the vintage pearl website to save me taking a photo of my own. It always makes me laugh because I have the exact necklace. Well at least one that looks like it. And I did wear it all day.  Aaron got it for me a few years ago. Maybe they used mine for the ad? Does that make me famous?
We made wax paper, melted crayon sun catchers  a couple of weeks ago. I think they turned out quite pretty.
The kids had a day off school due to about an inch of snow, so Gracie and her friends “heart attacked” some neighbours.  Great courage and stealth was displayed.
And this was the aftermath of that little project
My sweet bouquet from Aaron….. and Carolyn, look! My birthday flowers are still alive!
Benj’s beloved likes these candy’s best. So we got creative.
He went all out.  He made her a card with a screenshot from an iPod touch.  It said, “you mean more to me than temple run”. Ahhh young modern love.
We bolted down our Valentine’s Dinner before dashing off to soccer practice. So romantic Winking smile
(Gracie hooked us up with sugar rimmed glasses for the bubbly.)
It was delicious though, and in defense of love and romance, we were very late to soccer practice.  Nobody knows how to stage a protest like we do.096
Everyone enjoyed plenty of chocolate.  Ella is a fan.
I did not make these, they were at our local bakery and I thought they were so cute so I bought some for Aaron. It was hilariously awkward as a hush fell upon the bakery as a young college dude made his selections.  We could tell he was getting them for “just a friend” who he wanted to be “more than just friends with”.  Too funny. 
We did make these…in a manner of speaking, with the help of a download from pinterest.  In keeping with our homage to Steve Jobs this year. Iphone conversation heart box covers. They were a big hit. We even blew one up big to cover their Valentine’s boxes.
Another paint chip garland. These ones have colours with Valentine themed names. It pleases me. Probably more than it should.

And in case you missed it:
Ah, Valentine’s Day. Love it.

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2busy said...

Great pictures! Looks like you went all out and had fun!

Tooje said...

Benj has a beloved ????? When did this happen???? Why do I feel like my own son just told me he has a girlfriend at school? I'm devastated!

Dahling said...

Hey what happened to your TV cabinet ?? Also haven't seen pics of the boys room with new drawers in place ! Cute pictures - the toast looks like just like one of the Christmas photos.....