Why hello there, neglected little blog

I am so very behind on my retrospective series. But I just realised that the excellent thing about a retrospective series is that once it is in retrospect….well it’s in retrospect. A little or a lot….still retrospect.
So while I look for enough time to settle in and do justice to my long, photographically studded retrospective posts, I am missing out on the present.
No longer! I will do the retrospective as I can but I really need to get back into the regular blogging saddle.
So what is new? Here’s a recent recap, quick and dirty with iphone photos.
Aaron and I got engaged seventeen years ago today. Holy moly. That is just crazy. And very aging.   Life moves fast.  In a couple of years I will have been married for as long as I wasn’t. Oy vey.
Our portrait was captured in Chicago. (Or maybe taken of a Britto painting through a gallery window. Same same.)
Gracie had minor surgery yesterday. It went great and she is recovering beautifully. We can expect some stressful side effects for the next month or so but it should all be worth it after that.  Here she is under the effect of some mellow making drugs.  (With Ella, who was not).
This is the mildest Winter I have ever experienced in Ohio. Can’t say I’m hating it although it is hard to enjoy it fully since we are all sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop and things to drag out until August or something…..
I’m so old now! The wrong side of 30! 36 to be precise….or 9 as my kids so kindly put it.  My birthday aka Curseday on Monday was pretty horrible as it is won’t to be. But I was not too put about that because we preempted the Curseday and I had a wonderful weekend in Chicago to celebrate so it did not matter that any fun plans for the day were kiboshed by puking in the house (and the house of friends) and various other minor yet bumming mishaps.  Here are some iphones shots of what we did. (Mostly eat. Can you tell?)
We took the train. It was so much fun! And culturally enlightening.
Love the pretty, pretty, pretty displays at Magnolia bakery.
Browsing Anthropologie. I broke a beautiful ceramic jar and found a blouse that makes me look like a house (and apparently insane/possessed what with the gleaming red eyes).
Oh my word, I am sooooooooooooooo fat and lazy lately. I was finally doing well with a diet (thanks for the kickoff, stomach flu), then Chicago birthday weekend happened, and now Valentine’s Day is about to happen so I’m planning to kick it off again on February 15th. Which has worked very well for me in the past… I did get my hair done though. For the first time in a year.  It looked fantastic for about three hours. (See my glamour shots below with my photo bomber. Oh my word, that kid makes me laugh.)

Ella has been trying out some bratty moves lately. Which is appalling and hilarious at the same time. She is so clever.
In the last couple of days though she has really stepped up the eating (and sleeping) and her mellow sweetness is prevailing. She is so squishy and delightful. Today she lay her head on my chest as she sat on my lap and just sang sweetly to herself for the longest time. After her nap she cuddled up to me sweetly again as I kissed the back of her little neck compulsively. The other kids kept asking me questions but I was forced to ignore them for fear of breaking the spell.  The sitting quietly cuddling moments are very few and far between these days. She is a busy gal.  I love this photo of her. She is so much like my Gabey baby in this one. I feel like I probably looked a lot like this as a baby.  Did I mom?
Oops…continuing/concluding a couple of days later. Can you tell the February Malaise is here in full swing? Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  I just realized that this year I only have 2 children to assist with classroom Valentine’s. With both boys in Middle School they are too old for such things.  I feel relieved (since we have not started)and wistful too.  My big boys are growing up much too fast. All of them are….sigh.  Can you believe my baby Finnster will be 8 in May. EIGHT??! What the heck? I am outraged. Truly OUTRAGED.
Well, without further ado and before the little one awakes from her nap I will get this into cyberspace and hope this breaks my mental blogging block .
How are you, luvvies?

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2busy said...

Oh my heavens! You are so funny! I've never thought of the stomach flu as the kick start to a diet, but I guess so...

I'm still this side of 40, btw. Now THAT is old!

Tooje said...

My Eveln has/had that very same gray/green-yellow outfit! I loved it so much. Love the hair and the photo op prankster too. :) You have the eat of eternity to work out that diet and "shape", enjoy the small break.

Anonymous said...

Tooje is a wise soul! Your face says that you are not fat! Faces don't lie. The hair looks great! And yes, you did look somewhat like that but not totally. You had another look that was yours alone. The Chicago week-end looks great! Always wanted to see the big C.