39 things I love about you

This one goes out to Aaron Sayer on the occasion of his 39th (ack) b-day!
1. Your pure selflessness. Your first thought is never, ever for yourself
2. Your quiet, steady unwavering faith.
3. Your sense of humour.  You make me laugh every day
4. Your dedication to being a good dad.
(He wears many hats. Sometimes literally)
5. The fact that our kids could never question whether you love their mom.Kiss to forehead sunset2
6. The fact that our kids are fiercely protective of your feelings which shows how much they love and respect you.
7. The fact that if any of our boys grow up to be exactly like you, I will be the proudest mom in the world.
8.You like to cook or at least pretend to because you know I hate it so.
9.You always notice even the smallest accomplishment I have made over the course of a day and you comment on it.
10. You tell me I am beautiful and hot every day. Even though it surely must require that you sacrifice your integrity to do so.
11.You never hesitate to do something kind or generous or to allow or assist) me in doing something kind or generous even if we are short on time and/or cash
12.You do more than your share of night duty even though you have to get up at dawn.
13. You get up at dawn so that you can get home early to help with the crazy evening run-around.
14.You are the only person in the world I could survive being the mom of 5 with.
15. You always sound happy to hear from me when I call, no matter how busy you are, even though I usually want something.
16. You never complain about how busy you are, or complain about your job.SayerFamily033
17. You are a genius but you are so humble and unpretentious that nobody suspects.
18. You are genuinely embarrassed when I brag about your accomplishments (although that does not stop me-sorry!)
18. You are an excellent provider for our family and against all odds and with considerable (but unspoken) stress, have always made it work for me to stay at home with our kids.
19. You have never once said, “what do you do all day?” 
20. You revere my role as a woman and a mother and you respect my judgment as equal to your own.
21. You always smell good.
22. You are handsome and your face shows how kind you are.
23. You give the best hugs and cuddles.
25. You are strong, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

26. You do not speak in anger.
27. You are not judgmental
28. You will never let us go to bed with the dishes undone (you will do them even when I tell you to leave them and promise that I will do them in the morning)
28. You have moderately good taste in music and you only listen to Neil Diamond when I am not around.
29. You put lotion on the baby and dress her nicely even when I am not around. (Ie you follow through on the things you know are important to me even if they are less important to you).
30. You will go out for a grocery/craving run no matter how late it is.
31. In our almost 17 years of marriage, you have never intentionally insulted me or said something unkind about or to me.
32. You are fun and spontaneous.
33. You are happy when those around you are happy. You don’t need anything more.
34. You laugh at all my jokes. Even the ones that really aren’t that funny.
35. You don’t believe in “women’s work”.
36. You don’t need “downtime” when you come home from work. No matter what type of day you have had, you always come home cheerful and smiling and willing to do whatever needs to be done.
37. You are handy and creative.  You have saved us thousands of dollars on diagnosing and fixing what ails our cars and things around the house.
38. You are manly without being macho.
39. You pretend that you don’t think lying on a couch all afternoon watching sports, or sleeping in, or having a docile wife who liked to cook would be fun at all.
It was really hard to stop at 39.  Seriously!
Happy birthday my darling Pooh-face! How I love you! How blessed we all are to have you. You are my greatest gift!

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2busy said...

Ohhh, a handyman. He's a keeper! Very sweet list. Happy Birthday!

Tooje said...

I laughed at some, I smiled at some, and I certainly was happy for you that you could like each and every one. What a wonderful man he appears to be, and I agree with #22 - I have always thought he looked very, very kind. Happy Birthday to Mr. Momedy, Aaron.

gina said...

I have lurked here for a while, can't remember if I've ever commented or not, but after reading this I had to tell you how special this post is. As a recent divorcee, reading your list made me cry, but also made me feel hopeful. It is wonderful that you have a husband like that, and wonderful that you notice and appreciate it. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

As a mom, what more could one ask for than a son-in-law who deserves a birthday list like this? Thanks for being such a wonderful husband to our girl. We love you.
Your SA family