Guess who is ONE YEAR OLD?!

Today! Yes! It is our little bird- Miss Ellabeth Malia! 
I simply cannot believe it. This year has flown by and she has been such a pleasure and a joy in every way.
We love her so very much!
She has petal soft, velvety, ultra squishable skin. She (almost) always smells delicious, and she is so very cuddly.
But she is also showing signs of a very strong will, sense of adventure and desire for independence.
She is fun loving and funny. She loves a party, she is a shameless flirt. She lives for music.
She is already so kind and gentle pats your head when you are sad, and pretends to laugh when everyone else is laughing (so you can feel good about your jokes Winking smile)   She smiles and laughs and claps a lot!
She is pure joy and we are so blessed to have spent this wonderful year enjoying her magical little self.  She has brought so much laughter, tenderness, excitement and awe to every day of the last year.
Happy birthday darling baby!  We love you more than we can describe.  It is so hard to imagine our lives without you,  you are the best surprise a family could ever have!
What a difference a year makes! Here is her birth story Part 1, 2 and 3.

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paparazzimom said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ellabeth!!!! I've thoroughly enjoyed watching you grow up, just like your siblings. Much love to your momma today, and always!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Ella! I was looking at another baby's pic the other day and Doug asked if that was a pic of "our Ella". <3 She is indeed well loved. Thanks for sharing her with us!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ella! She is a such a doll. Absolutely love the pictures.

Tooje said...

Happy birthday sweet baby girl! You've been blessed into a sweet, sweet family. Enjoy every minute, mom and baby.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet little Ella! You are indeed a joy to all! A most delightful little "Laat Lammetjie!" May she continue to be the joy that she is, even as her independant streak widens and her strong character develops. Woosie kids are no fun!
Lots of love from all the doters in SA.