Hello good people.
We had a wonderful weekend. Or that is the impression I am left with anyway. I honestly can’t remember much about it because my head is all in a fog after the nap I had this afternoon to compensate for the 15 minutes of sleep I got last night.   But I feel as though it was a happy one.  A productive one. Probably not a restful one though.  I’m fairly certain of that.
Anyway. It’s a shame I’m not really sure what went down. Fortunately, (?)  I documented a lot of it on my iPhone.  I am on a big instagram kick lately. Do you instagram?  I’m always looking for friends to follow. I love, love, love looking at little snapshots of  people’s days. It feels so intimate and charming. Or maybe I am just a creepy voyeur? Very possible.  No matter. I love it. And I love how easy it is to take snapshots of my own life as I am on the go.  If you are on instagram, comment or email me with your user name. I am @stin2000 if you care to follow my feed.
Anyway, since my memory is a sieve,  I turned to instagram to see how I spent my weekend.
Here are some scenes from my life over the last few days. Please be reassured that I love all my children. And my dog and my husband. (And on occasion I feel pangs of affection for my Thumper, the Crazy Bunny). Ella is just the most accessible and willing to be photographed.
We spent a lot of time on windy, rainy soccer fields over the last few days.
Sometimes we felt happy about it, even when it threatened to blow us away…

Sometimes we were just stoic. (Ella helping with the post-game tunnel) I just want to squeeeeze those chubby cheeks and double chin, by the way. Also? The thighs.

I found my long-lost engagement ring! Happy day! I love my sweet little ring.  I had pretty much given up hope of ever finding it and I was so, so sad. (Excuse my shoddy manicure. )

We went on lots of walks around our “hood”.

This made us laugh.  Suburban graffiti. Deep. Gritty. Winking smile

Across the road from this. The very epitome of White Picket Fences.  HAha…

Ella practiced her walking.  Big siblings are the

She vascillated between grave concern

and pure delight over Shemly’s antics at the “dog park”.

I spent a lot of time sorting out Ella’s new room.  It is now so cute and organized but I still have lots of decorating to do. Here’s a little sneak peek. Anyone feel like making a slip cover for a teeny tiny armchair?

I took this in the middle of sorting out Ella’s room, when my motivation was waning. That is a sky light. Yes. I was lying down on the floor. Don’t you feel the need to lie down on the floor during household tasks? No? Just me?

Ahhhh rooibos tea break.  When in Chicago to celebrate my birthday, I got my sister a similar mug with her initial on it so that we could have tea together (on different continents, at the same time, on different dates…figure that out)
In our neighbourhood, on the children’s walk to school, is a beautiful garden. The lady who tended it so faithfully, a sweet gentle soul, always smiling sweetly, wearing her apron as she weeded and and pruned, died recently. She inspired me with her sweet serenity and work ethic. I just found out about her passing.  It made me sad to see the formerly manicured garden already becoming choked with weeds. I took this picture to honour her. I think the petals look like satin,  She will be missed.  I imagine she is enjoying the gardens in heaven tremendously.

I went to the Dr. to get my medication changed today. I mention this only because there is a distinct possibility that I will be a little more….testy for a while as I get adjusted. If I act more crazy, aggressive or combative than usual, please just roll your eyes (inwardly, if you want to live) and hang in there with me. I should be back to my only moderately crazy, combative and aggressive self soon.

There has been very very very little of this going on lately. I am starting to think this baby is an alien or a robot. She really does not need to sleep. Even as a newborn she did not need to sleep. She has returned to her sweet self the last couple of days though, (long may it last) so that is a relief. I can deal with sleep deprivation when she is sweet.

What have you been doing lately luvvies?  Do you remember?

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ANH said...

I looooooooove rooibos tea!

2busy said...

from one day to the next, nope, can't remember much. But I guess that's why I blog.

Anonymous said...

The "Grave Concern" pic. is very reminiscent of her mom at the same age. She is a doll!

Anonymous said...

PS. That flower is phenominal! Was it a tulip?? Never seen them that colour if it was. Lovely tribute to the sweet lady. Sniff, Sniff.