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Last Sunday Finny and I lay on my bed and had a long talk. We talked about how he will be baptized very soon and what a big boy he has become.  We talked about how much I missed our daily morning chats and cuddles since Ella was born.  He has grown up so much but he still loves to chat and cuddle.  But instead of jumping into my bed every morning, he gets up, gets himself  dressed, makes his breakfast, makes his lunch for school and often offers to take care of Ella for a while so I can sleep a bit more.  He is so grown up and independent. And still so cool, funny and cheerful (except when it is time to do chores). 
I can’t believe that he will be eight next week! Wasn’t he just four? He is playing travel soccer this year and loving it.
With four in travel soccer, we are doing a lot of this lately….driving and waiting on soccer fields. I.e: living in our car..
Ella is using her time productively, catching up on her paperwork, sketching…
Learning to drive..
And it means we catch more sunsets together. So that’s something.
Occasionally it means we drive by a Target. And you know how happy that makes a woman.
It’s not all soccer for Benjamin. He is also doing track this Spring. He is doing wonderfully! He runs the mile and the half mile and he just keeps getting better!
I honestly do not know where he gets all the energy he needs to do all that he does so well, but he gets it somewhere.  I’m constantly amazed.
I don’t have any soccer pics of Gabe yet this season, but when he’s not doing that he is a doting big brother who specializes in holding his sister in fun and creative ways.  Gabe is the most amazingly diligent child. Since he and Finny moved into the same room there has not been one instant that it has not been in perfect order. It is quite mesmerizing. He has even managed to corral Finny who was, shall we say…a slob when he was on his own. Incredible.  
dotingbroDSC_0940monkey swing
Here’s a little story about Gabe I posted on facebook for those who don’t follow me there.
Why am I so evil?! I just strung Gabe along for a good 20 mins, telling him that the kale chips I was eating were leaves from our yard that I had baked up. When he asked why I was not eating real food, I told him that now that Ella was eating solids, someone else had to stop. That we could only afford for 6 people to eat and I could live off the erhem..fat of the land (body). He was getting really quite distressed, insisting that I HAD to eat because "even if you WERE fat, and I'm not saying that you ARE, fat is not food! We are not in the hunger games mommy!". He was brainstorming ideas on how to feed me and looking a bit tearful when I finally let him in on the facts. Poor sweet angelic Gabe cursed with a warped, wicked mother. I'm sorry, I can't help myself and they KEEP FALLING FOR IT. They are Aaron B Sayer's kids. ♥
Gracie (Caroline) is keeping busy with school, piano, sewing lessons and soccer. She is a busy little bee and an awesome big sis.  She is also very funny.
Here she tells us about her very stern (but kind) English soccer coach and the names he uses for the girls when he coaches them.

We put this on her soccer sweatshirt in honour of Coach Adrian
I’ll leave you with one more story from facebook this week:
I ♥ my kids. This morning Gracie heard me telling Ella from my room that I would not be able to nurse her anymore this morning. (I was allll tapped out after my sub 4 hrs and tons of nursing). She came in and took her from me and she and Finny took care of her while they got ready for school so I could catch a few more zzz's. When they had to leave they brought her back. I lay in bed for a while whining to Ella about how very tired I was. She kept telling me how hungry she was (quite happily but insistently). When I finally sat up, she knelt up and applauded me. It was hilarious.
Ella decided this week that she loves strawberries. Yay! (She also loves to pull that cheesy grin)
Thumbs up for the weekend! Have a great one luvvies!

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garhales said...

Thank you for reminding me that other people truly revel in the individual strenghths and character of each of their children. So nice to read about them and get to know what kind of mom you are in the process. :)

Anonymous said...

That was delightful! So nice to read about the kids and what they are all doing. Shame on you for teasing gentle hearted Gabe! You are a true Randall!!!! Love you.