The Fantastic Four

Lately, we have been getting back in the tradition of taking Sunday evening walks as a family.  We just go for a walk around the hood with the dog, but I love this time when we are all unplugged from our various distracting technology, and when my kids rediscover the simple joys of playing with just each other.  They are always at their best when it is just them. Which is not to say that we do not adore and value our friends and the time we spend with them, but the dynamic between my kids is at its most magical and happy when they are alone.  I think that is probably the case with most families.
With the teenage years upon us, scenes like this are fewer and further between, and I cherish them so much. Lately, I find myself often feeling burdened, stressed, worried or overwhelmed by my parenting responsibilities, the decisions I must make every day, the battles I must choose. The stakes are so high right now,  and the risk of and wide variety of ways I can screw up are even greater.  Watching my kids tonight took me back to simpler times, and for a little while, I was just able to enjoy the pure glory and blessing of watching happy, healthy children playing. It filled me with so much joy and happiness, and I felt so completely overwhelmed with love for my awesome kids . Long live the Sunday evening walk.
Trying to catch “helicopter” seeds.
As for Ella, she adores watching the antics of her siblings and her furry sister. Nothing makes her happier.
She has the sweetest big sister.
She picked some dandelions
And practiced her walking. She has a little way to go still.
But! We know she can stand! Once when she was distracted by Shemly, she stood unassisted for at least 30 seconds. Unfortunately (and TYPICALLY),  the video cut off after just a couple of seconds. SO SAD!! But you get the gist. Check it out.

Every time she sees the camera pointed at her these days, she does this.
Life is good.  Good Sunday night, friends! xo

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2busy said...

These are great pictures. I asked my husband last night if he wanted to go on a walk, and he was like "where?". He thinks to go walking you need a specific destination. I gave up too quick.

doseofreality said...

Beautiful. So well said. I need to do more family walks. You have inspired me. :) Came over via SITS.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Loved the little clip, both of Caroline!!!! and Ella standing and her lovely little laugh! Your walks look better than ours in Swazi through the cow-patty infested fields!
Love you.