Guess who is 13 months old?

Yesterday Ellabeth turned 13 months so we snapped these shots of her in her cute dress.
Oh! What a dear little 13 month old she is! It would appear that her sudden personality change for the worse was no more than a particularly brutal spate of teething. It truly did make her a different little girl.
But our sweet, hilarious, very happy girl is back and we are so grateful.
She is SUCH a character!  It is so much better when she uses her powers for good.
Seems to have the same affliction-foot in mouth as her mom Winking smile
Flirting with her brother’s friends in the park
Here she is teasing me about taking out her hair bow..
Practicing her walking with daddy
hand in hand
Delighted by and delighting her siblings
Being too curious about everything to pose for a photo, although she can be a HUGE ham for the camera when she wants to be.
Still nervous about her walker but giving it a good shot. Oh I want to eat those chubby soft little arms!
Things she likes this month:
Walking up the stairs with us holding her hands (wish this picture wasn’t so blurry). She puts one foot on each step taking giant strides which remind me of a spider. It is so funny. I have a video somewhere…hmmm….will get back to you on that.
Going on walks.Particularly with the sibs. Note her foot on the tray. She gets that from me.
Tormenting and loving dear Shemly. This picture is one of my all time favourites. I could not love it more. I mean, seriously!
Hanging with her sibs-even if it means being man-handled slightly.
Helping mommy empty the dish-washer. (After seeing this picture I cleaned that filthy dishwasher, be not dismayed, dear women folk of my family.)
Playing in mommy’s make-up bag (yikes).  Another hot favourite is my car-keys. It must be my keys. Not a spare set, not Aaron’s set which looks almost identical.  My keys. Please don’t try to fool her with a cheap imitation. She will be most offended.
Hanging out in her new room, reading.
Sharing Shemly’s bed. (Yes, I do cringe a bit, but what are you going to do?)
Feeding herself. Favs this month continue to be: Greek yoghurt, mozarella cheese sticks, cheerios, chicken nuggets, turkey pepperoni and thankfully, oatmeal with flax.  She is still not a great eater but she much prefers cows milk to formula so mommy is getting a bit of a rest in the chest department.
She has started napping in her crib for good periods of time (oh praise be!) and is waking up a couple of times a night still, but after the every 20 min spate we had for a while there, we are thrilled.
We love Ellabeth!

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Anonymous said...

So glad your happy sweet girl is back. Even an angel deserves time out to be bad now and then, no??