The Perfect Summer Dress

Fresh Produce Logo in Blue
Recently the nice people from Fresh Produce offered to send me my choice of item from their store.  They are an awesome company who specialize in bright, coastal inspired island clothes for women.
Once I had perused their lovely site, I was very excited about this offer! I was particularly looking for a pretty yet casual summer dress , so I checked out their California Dress line. I ended up with the Wrap Me Up dress (seen below) in Sunrise. I chose sunrise to mix it up a bit. I don’t have a lot of coral/orange in my wardrobe, and it is supposedly a hot colour for this season. I was a bit concerned to go out of my comfort zone but it turned out to be a very wearable, bright and fun shade.
When it arrived, I was thrilled with the colour and how soft the cotton was. I immediately knew this dress would be easy to wear and because of that-it would get a lot of wear. This dress is pretty much my dream come true, something as comfy as pj’s but a lot more pretty and presentable? Um, yes please.
In fact I wore it that very Sunday for our Easter celebration.  I happily changed out of the restrictive shift dress I had worn to church, because I wanted to be comfortable for our egg hunt and lunch, but still look festive and nice.  As I said above, the dress is supremely comfortable and incredibly easy to wear.  It felt so great to slip it on. The wrap front is a faux wrap so no worries about an embarassing wardrobe malfunction due to a handsy toddler trying to get at the goods (look, I’m sorry, but these are the things a nursing mother has to worry about).
When I was ready to nurse, the neckline made it perfectly easy to do so.  (I did need to wear a cami under it to keep things modest).  I got lots of compliments on the style and color of the dress. Unfortunately, since I was the one behind the camera, I don’t have a single photo of myself wearing it on that day! But I have no doubt that many will surface as time goes on.
Since I am pretty frugal (read: exceedingly cheap) when it comes to shopping for clothes, I’m going to be real and say that I highly doubted I would have forked out the $89.00 to buy it for myself, but when I got to thinking about it, amortized, this dress would end up being extremely economical. I plan to wear it pretty much all the time this Summer. The fabric is a great weight, which makes it cool, but not cheap and flimsy, and the style of the dress is such that it can be easily dressed up or down.  It has the perfect length sleeve to cover my ham-hock arms, while still allowing me to be cool, and the scalloped hem-line makes it different and cute.  The fit skims and is flattering, perfect if your weight fluctuates a bit.  All in all, easy, breezy.  I can easily see it being one of those items in my wardrobe that I never get rid of.
Thanks a lot, Fresh Produce!

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2busy said...

Lucky lady! That is a cute dress. I'm pretty frugal, too...

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with the dress. Very cute, but confused about the colour. Did you not say something about coral?? I thought this was blue??

laurabeth1976 said...

Nothing is better than a great summer dress, and I love the color of this one. I just bought two great new summer dresses at Burlington Coat Factory. They had great prices on the designer clothes I was checking out in the department stores.