What I did on my Long Weekend. By Kirsty Sayer aged 36.

I had a very productive long weekend (although I did not feel that way last night when I fell asleep still wearing my clothing-thoroughly exhausted and disheartened because I had not done EVERYTHING I set out to do). Don’t you hate that feeling?
But back to what I did do.
I read two books, this one and this one. Both of which I would heartily recommend. I cleaned, I baked, I shopped (oh, how I shopped) but best of all, we stocked our freezer with 13 (count ‘em) delicious meals.
My friend Claire, is a Tastefully Simple consultant, and a couple of months ago she helped me put together a freezer full of meals. It was so easy and rewarding, and it was so great to have good, delicious food already made to pull out out on hectic week-nights. (Is there any other type of week-night?)  With soccer season upon us again, I thought it would be a good idea to set aside some time to restock the freezer.
I am someone who does not hate to cook as much as I hate being put on the spot regarding what to cook, at my most exhausted, most frazzled time of day, so having someone telling me exactly what to buy and exactly how to put everything together, and even providing some of the key ingredients is definitely my cup of tea.  Then I can put it in the crock pot in the morning and forget about it or just pop it in the oven.
And that is where sweet Claire comes in. She actually does workshops where a group of people can join and socialize while they slap together a freezer-load of yummy food but if you don’t have time to join such a gathering, as I alas, do not, or if you hate other people, or if they hate you, or if you don’t like to leave your home…..well she hooks you up so that you can do it at home. Or make your husband do it. Much as I did.
Here is our before picture. See all the ingredients, some of which we bought, some of which Claire provides from Tastefully Simple (which by the way=yum-every.single.time). She gives you a very organized shopping list divided up most conveniently. Basically she takes you by the hand like a very small child and walks you through the entire process. Which is how I feel most comfortable when it comes to endeavours in the kitchen.
photo (2)
Et voila…2-3 hours later: 13 meals (one of which I am smelling as it bakes right now….quiche…yum)
photo (1)
Well that won’t work for me, you may say. I do not have a chest freezer. I cannot stock up. Well let me tell you friends, I may be a Mormon, but neither do I. I know. It’s thoroughly shocking. But there you go.  We have a regular little side by side, filled with old snow balls and half finished bags of peas and such. Yet it fit just great for us. So never fear. Claire even tells you exactly what to buy to package it all in, and how to do it so it fits nice and neatly. There are even nifty little labels to tell you what everything is and how long to cook it. It’s really Freezer Cooking for Dummies.
Here’s the menu of what we made….since let’s be real… it doesn’t look all that appetizing in its frozen lumpish state up there. But it is very pretty and yummy when it is thawed and cooked.
Italian Quiche
Scrumptious Stromboli
Tastefully Italian Turkey Breast
Cheesy Mac and Beef Bake (we sub in turkey for all the beef)
Sweet and simple ribs
Garlic Chicken Bake
Honey Apple Grill Burgers
Santa Fe Chicken
Pomegranate Chipotle
Dried Tomato & Pesto Beef Roast
Chipotle Chicken Stir Fry
Artichoke and Spinach Stuffed Chicken
Now. Doesn’t that sound better than $5 Little Caesars Pizza? 
I am not being compensated for this post, I just like Claire and I like her service. It has been great for us, and I think it will be great for some of you too. If you are interested, hit her up.  She can ship her products to wherever you are and provide you with all the info via email!!
or email her at simplyclaire@woh.rr.com or call/text her at 419 494 1357.
She is the sweetest, most genuinely helpful lady you could wish to know. (And rest assured, she is not at all a high pressure salesperson who will stalk you if you change your mind …‘cos that gives me anxiety, and I would not wish it on others.)
PS: Claire changes up the menu regularly and will be launching one ideal for warm weather with grilling options soon!
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garhales said...

Claire certainly rocks and I am all for making life as easy as possible! :)

2busy said...

If I lived in your neck of the woods, I'd definitely give her a call...I'd want in on that freezer meal thing. One word...AWESOME

dawn h-s said...

I wish I could figure out a way to replace my salary doing this for people....I love mega-cooking. Now you don't need me. wah! frowny face:(

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Long may she live!! I used to have a chest freezer. An ancient relic from the days when Zimbabwe was called Rhodesia. Bought from an immigrating friend. It weighed a ton, but WORKED! Then, eternal do-gooder husband told me to give it to my helper Gladys so that she could start a little business from home when she retired. Did so, and happy for Gladys, but a bit sad for me! Have a twinky little size-by-size that does not enjoy staying closed that well.