Guess who is 14 months old?

She is!
Our goofy…messy
ice cream
Increasingly independent

Hilariously funny, quick to laugh, happy, sweet, sweet baby girl

She is pure joy!  She makes us so happy!
New things she loves this month are: sunglasses, brushing her teeth, saying long and meaningful prayers with little folded arms, cheering AMEN at the end of our prayers, making up different dance moves for different songs, putting one of my rings on each of her chubby fingers.
CLIMBING UP THE STAIRS . It is an OBSESSION. She can break through any barrier to get to the stairs and is at the top of them before we can blink..(heaven help us)…
Drinking smoothies with straws (especially mango ones).
Continues to love: clapping, waving reading (especially in her crib-yay!!!), her siblings, Shemly, bottles and lids, music, playing with my iPhone, flirting with anyone who will pay attention to her, going OUT. She literally cheers and does a little excited dance in my arms every time we leave the house. She is a social animal.
self portrait with my iPhone.
(a most patient, supportive and attentive spectator at many soccer games)
Is not so much interested in: walking, eating a wide variety of foods, sitting quietly in church.
She is also becoming quite devious. Excerpt from facebook:
Ella and I have a routine. When I shower, she sits outside the shower door playing with a toiletry bag filled with hotel shampoos. After a while of that, she sticks her fingers under the shower door and I tickle them with my toes. Then we pretend to high five each other through the door. When I am ready to have her join me, I open the door a crack and she hustles over and flings it open all the way. Today however, there were no little fingers under the shower door and when I tried to open the shower door she quickly turned round and pushed it shut. When I tried again, she pushed it shut and *leaned* against it. This went on for a while until I managed to open the door by leaning most of my weight against it. She protested irritably. When I came out I saw why she wanted me to stay in the shower. She had found a pen that she had been poking into a tub of aqueous cream that she had opened. She clearly knew it was naughty but it was SO MUCH FUN and she did not want me messing with that, so she conspired to trap me in the shower until she was done. She is 13 months old! What will 13 years old bring? I am scared (and amused).
Oh my friends, going through the pictures of this last, very slackerly (blogging wise) month I am completely overwhelmed! There are so many! And I want to share them ALL.  So I’m keeping this little update (relatively)short and (very) sweet.  Tomorrow I hope to post a bunch of little vignettes and talk more about what she has been up to this month. And what her awesome talented fun and funny big siblings have been up to.
Look forward to: Ella’s interpretive dance to Gotye, her famous bum scootch,  the love affair she has with her Finny,  all three of the oldest kids’s piano recitals, orchestra concerts, track meets…last days of school, lip synch, first days at the pool….And much, much more. OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!…it’s going to be a thrill a minute my friends.  STAY TUNED. (I am tired just thinking about it all).
What am I up to these days?  Adjusting to the new schedule and routine , mourning the fleeting baby/childhood of my kids,  feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed by the state of my house post soccer/last days of school and now filled to capacity with children 24/7,  TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT, getting upset because I am not losing weight very efficiently, feeling hungry and grumpy. You know…the usual…having an awesome time.

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2busy said...

14 Months onld? How does time fly...I love how smart she is.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Does not seem possible that the time has flown the way it has. So pleased for the visual and written record though. Thank you a million times for that.