May Day! May Day! 2012 Edition

This is what happens when you have four kids in travel soccer.
May Day baskets get delivered in the dark of night. After games and practice and showers and…and…(yawn)
I particularly like the array of outfits we have going on here. What was the weather like on May 1st 2012 you ask? Who can say? We have sleeveless and ski caps all in the same photo. No one will ever know.. (Finny’s clenched teeth indicate freezing conditions but then there is Ella to dispel that’s a mystery I tell ya!)
May day 2012
There was no time to make our traditional cones this year, so we cheated a bit. They were assembled with love.
Ok so here is where I tell you that it was not an altogether enthusiastic bunch who embarked upon the adventure this year.  He who must not be named, informed us that he was too old for such shenannigans, and therefore would not be accompanying us. We informed him that he was still younger than we were and thus, indeed he would. There were murmurs of dissent.  It was late. I was tired. So very tired. For a moment I wondered why I persisted with these traditions. Maybe they were getting too old.  Was I forcing something that needed to die a natural death? 
Since He who must not be named was the last to get to the car, he was assigned with the first “drop.” And that is all it took. As he ran back to the car and we attempted our stealthy exit, there were giggles of excitement and good natured teasing….and… we were back.  The kids became a team, He who must not be named, took his rightful place as leader of the pack. It was just as much fun as it ever has been.  And this is why we must persist with traditions. Even when it is too late on a Tuesday night, and so very impractical, and we are too tired, and everyone is resisting us. Because when we follow through and Just Do It, the magic happens.  Doing something nice for other people…and doing it “secretly”.  It’s impossible not to have fun with that.
Ella could hardly stand the suspense of all the close getaways
She thought it was the most fun EVER! As did we all. And this is why we do what we do.
Happy May Friends!
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{ L } said...

This post is awesome! I wish I was doing that...the dark makes it even more exciting. :) You have a cool family.

Brenda said...

Ahhhh HAH! evidence ;-) We LOVE this tradition, and it is a surprise EVERY time. (poor memory) It brings our whole family such joy! Thank you!!

DianeSS said...

What a wonderful tradition!

Anonymous said...

Re: the weather, Gracie had wet hair! Hopefully not too cold! Fact that you can change a Communistically inspired holiday (here it is "Worker's Day") into a fun thing is great! Glad that He who cannot be named was able to come back from Madrid to participate (oops - have I let out the secret of his identity!)