May Days 2: Scenes from the Last Day of School…

Ah the last day of school. You fill me with such mixed emotions. Happy that summer is here and the pace will slow down. Excited at what the new season and more time with my kids will bring.   Sad that they are growing so big  and another year is over, (the sentimentality I feel over the end of an “era” of any kind in really quite disproportionate to whatever that “era” may be) . Stressed about the change in general. I am change averse. It makes me incredibly anxious. It is really quite pathetic.
Moving along… here are Finny and Gracie on the last day of school clutching their teacher gifts. Do not be fooled by the happy smiles. Behind that benign grin of Gracie’s is a wish to GET me and my little camera too. I WAS GOING TO MAKE HER LATE FOR SCHOOL don’t you know???! On the last day! The HORROR.  Moving along….
The last day also brings with it the infamous LIP SYNCH.  Frantically choreographed and feverishly rehearsed in the last week of school when you know…nothing  EVERYTHING else is going on. Every year, I rue the day that my kids insist on you know… being involved in things. Why can’t they just sit quietly and not be involved in things? Like me? Why can’t they be satisfied to sit by and watch others be involved in things? Being involved with things brings with it the potential for failure. Which fills me with angst. And then I remember that being involved in things is pretty much the point of life and it is a good thing my kids are so unlike me in this regard,  so I suck up my natural tendencies and feign enthusiasm and break out my non-existent choreographing skills and latent “Dance Mom” tendencies instead. And then
The practicing and planning aside, I get all sweaty and stressed during the actual event. I do not want them to be lame. I do not want them to become social pariahs. WHY MUST THEY INSIST ON PUTTING THEMSELVES OUT THERE THIS WAY??? WHY MUST THEY BE SO WELL ADJUSTED AND UNAFRAID OF RISK.  And then they are adorable and do so well. And then I think…”awww that was so much fun! I can’t wait to do it all again next year”. And so it goes.
Here’s my girl with her little friends.  They are: Madeline, Madisyn, Madi and…Natasha. Do you sense a theme? They were seriously the cutest thing to watch. I love to see how alive Gracie becomes on stage. In general she is fairly reserved and is not a fan of the limelight but on stage…she’s ON.
Time to say goodbye to two more sainted teachers.  My kids have been so blessed!
After school it was time for ICE CREAM.  Because every momentous to semi-momentous occasion requires ICE CREAM. Gracie went with a friend. (Whose mom took this cute picture)
The boys were not as lucky, I took them.. here you can see Benjamin trying to pretend I don’t exist.  “Maybe if I just keep eating..she will disappear…go to your happy place…”.
And then time to dump the backpack in the doorway one last time ‘til Fall.
I have never known a school year to go so quickly.  Truly it was a blur. That’s probably a good sign.
I shall leave you with the immortal words of Alice Cooper and a final show by the cool teacher’s at my kids’ elementary school:

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2busy said...

Sometimes I wonder why we have "last days of school", but they are oh so fun!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on yur aversion to the end of any era! We are lame! We would get bored if life was as static as we think we would like it to be. Loved sharing. Thanks again.