Gabey baby

Since Gabe did not feature much in the last post, here are a couple of recent facebook anecdotes for those who don’t catch me there.
Today I was remarking on Gabe's eyes to Gracie while he and Benjamin were in a heated debate over something. Me: "Wow...Gabe's eyes are soo...."
Gabe (without skipping a beat, still with furrowed brow from his argument).. turns to me and snaps, "GORGEOUS"..then goes back to debate with Benj.
Me, "Yes, they are gorgeous, the colour is like.....what is it like...?"
Gabe (again, not skipping a beat, mid sentence, swivels head and snaps: "The OCEAN"...goes back to debate with Benj.
Hahahahahaha...You have to know Gabe who is usually very mild mannered and not in the least bit vain/self promoting to know how hysterically funny this was.
*Editors note: The boys would like me to make a correction. They were in fact not in a fierce debate, or a debate of any kind. They just having an intense drumming session with the kebob sticks from dinner. (As evidenced in Benj’s hands below) My bad.  That is much more civilized :/
Anecdote 2: Got home after a brief absence to pick Gracie up from sewing class to find boys elbow deep in a terrible mess of a diaper, Ella screaming her head off and trying desperately to escape because said diaper had practically burned her butt off and the wiping thereof was obviously excruciating (note to self: no more grapes for her!) How sadly ironic since this was the first diaper the boys have deigned to change and it was a Very Bad Experience for all . When I was recounting the scene of poop carnage to Aaron, Gabe chimed in very solemnly with huge eyes, " was HECK ON EARTH". (Hahahaha take that all pious ones who fear so greatly that my South African "swearing" ways will be a bad influence on my children).

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Anonymous said...

Gabey Baby - you ARE gorgeous - your eyes and the rest of you!! That was so funny - both stories. Thanks for catering for those of us who h.... , sorry, have a strong anthesis to FB.